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Teacher Question of the Week:

What type of music do you like when you do yoga? What are some of your favorite selections? Please share examples!

I grew up in a house where music was everywhere. My Mom would play classical music to lull me to sleep. She took me to concerts at a young age. I sang in choirs. I was a dancer where music played in integral part in my work and for two years I sang and danced in an international performing group called Up with People.

When I began taking yoga classes at a fitness center in the early 1990’s, I don’t remember music being used. It wasn’t until I started attending classes in an actual yoga studio that I noticed the use of music and how it affected my practice.

Music during a yoga class can enhance and help to motivate you with your yoga experience. Because I am musical and enjoy all types of sounds, I am able to let myself “go with the flow” with whatever is being offered whether it be New Age music, the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Bach, Enya, chanting or nature sounds. (Been there, done that for all of these selections.) However, not all people feel the same about using varied music during a yoga class.

When I play contemporary music for the yoga classes that I teach, sometimes there are a few complaints that “it is a distraction and not relaxing.” (I have to admit, that during Savasana I don’t like music with words that dictate my thoughts.) However, I do really like and selectively use this creative compilation CD which was done by performers like Sting, Sara McLaughlin, Guru Singh and Seal who all do yoga: Take a listen!

My favorite “Go To” relaxing, unobtrusive yoga CDs is by Soulfood called, “Yoga Dream.” He does the music for National Geographic and IMAX movies so you get the idea. See:

Here’s what I do for my yoga classes: I rotate my music as much as I can. I try to fit the music with the mood of the class and tailor it to those attending. When in doubt, I keep the music in the genre of “spa relaxing” music and save the chanting CD’s for another time. If you use nature sounds for Savasana, tie this into a nature themed class or a Guided Meditation that might fit the idea of waves, water, flow, birds, etc.

I would love to hear your thoughts about music during yoga. What are some of your favorite and least favorite choices and why?



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3 thoughts on “Music for your Yoga Practice”

    1. Yes, Sara, it depends on the mood of yoga, I agree. I have gone in to classes where I’m thinking “quiet and still would be good today” and the music is all peppy and top 40. (I took my 15 year old to this one and she was psyched due to the music choices.) However, I go with the flow and let my mood match the teacher’s choices and before you know it, I’m a changed Yogini!

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