One Tooth Yoga Apparel

(This is not an example of One Tooth apparel)

I’ve written a few articles about yoga apparel, mostly because I’m a bit of a clothes horse and I’m always on the lookout for new yoga clothing, especially now that I work from home and stretchy pants take me from work to yoga, all in one fell swoop. So when I came across One Tooth Yoga clothing, I was more than excited. With the first store having opened up just a few blocks from my house, One Tooth quickly expanded across Canada in a very short period of time and now their are two stores within minutes from my house (dangerous, I know)!. With prices that are right and styles that are too cool for words, I just had to write a post about this awesome company.

The website details how One Tooth came to arrive at such a unique name. Apparently, folklore from the hometown of the founder of the company dictated that anyone who told a lie would lose a tooth, and since morals and values were extremely important to the owner, he decided on the name One Tooth in order to remind him of the original concept of the company. Today, it is obvious that these morals have been retained throughout the franchise, lending to the hometown Canadian feel that seems to get lost in larger conglomerates.

The company also maintains their Canadian roots, ensuring that all clothing is still made right in Canada, instead of farming out production to other countries where prices may be lower but quality tends to sag. And certainly, all of their products maintain true quality, style and great fabrics and colours, competing with some of the larger yoga apparel companies, with their supple fabrics and innovative design unique to One Tooth. Furthermore, the price tags won’t shock you and in fact, are a nice change from some other companies. I can assure you, upon trying on everything from coats to shorts, all of their items are well-made, comfortable and stylish. And for my fellow ladies with a bit of “somethin’ somethin’ in the front,” One Tooth offers a wide range of bra tops that can be worn all day for endless comfort and support. I’m officially in love with this company.

I encourage you to check out one of their shops, now found across Canada, and indulge in a little affordable luxury. You won’t regret a purchase from One Tooth and furthermore, you’ll be supporting the Canadian economy every step of the way.


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