From the forthcoming book The Path of the Peace Practitioner: A Practical Guide to Enlightenment


The peace practitioner takes the time daily to generate a deep peace within herself. Using the tools of meditation and contemplative inquiry, she nurtures a deep sense of tranquility in her mind in preparation for the inevitable stresses of the day. She knows that her inward state will spill over onto every sentient being she encounters, so she takes the cultivation of inner peace seriously.

Peace really is an inside-out affair. Peace in the world isn’t possible until a critical mass of practitioners worldwide generate a deep and contagious peace within themselves.

Return to your breath. Let it be the bridge that connects body and mind, as well as an anchor tethering your individual consciousness to ultimate reality:

“Breathing in, I recognize my in-breath.
Breathing out, I recognize my out-breath.
Breathing in, my breath grows deep.
Breathing out, my breath grows long.”

Spending just ten minutes repeating the lines of that gatha in perfect mindfulness will prepare you for any challenge that presents itself. You will be your best self; you won’t be besieged by anxieties and afflictions. Solid, calm and lucid, you’ll be well prepared to wage peace.

Image courtesy of Mike Beales

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