My Personal Ten Commandments


1. As a sentient being with the mixed blessing of self-awareness, you are part of the natural order; your life is inextricably linked to the web of nature. Let your actions reflect your awareness of this fact.

2. Whenever possible, relieve suffering and bring joy. Your own pain and happiness are linked to those of every other sentient being.

3. Do not be silent in the face of violence, hatred, bullying and the many kinds of ignorance that cause harm. Speak out, intervene, instruct and assist.

4. Love increases when you offer it to another being; love broadly, deeply and generously.

5. Cultivate your connection with the earth.

6. Protect the victimized, the friendless and the voiceless.

7. Do not discriminate against groups of human beings because of their complexion, beliefs, country of origin, gender or sexual identity.

8. When a group’s beliefs cause them to do harm, fight back by promulgating better beliefs.

9. Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

10. Be kind.

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