An Extraordinary Place to Heal


My mother had to be hospitalized for emergency surgery recently. She was diagnosed with MRSA, a highly antibiotic-resistant strain of bacterial infection. This was a particularly distressing diagnosis for her, as her closest friend died as a result of complications from MRSA several years ago. Needless to say, it was quite frightening for us as well. Fortunately, she’s in Georgetown University Hospital, a facility unparalleled for its excellent quality of care.

We were with her yesterday when her attending physician popped into the room and said, “Good evening, Mrs. Ferro; is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?” This alone can have a profound healing effect on a convalescent patient, and is emblematic of the extraordinary care Mom has received at Georgetown. The doctor went on to tell us that the surgeon who will be performing the next procedure (she faces a series of surgeries) is world-renowned for his ability to preserve limbs when other surgeons might well opt for amputation. This helped to allay her fears, and ours.

From the surgeons and attending physicians, to the nursing staff, to the medical technologists and orderlies, the entire staff at Georgetown has been unfailingly attentive, understanding, competent and kind. All have obviously been trained to attend carefully to all the questions and concerns of the patient and her loved ones. If you or someone you love has to be hospitalized, I highly recommend a “teaching hospital” — one connected to a university and medical school. In my experience, they have the highest standards of care.

Georgetown’s motto is Cura personalis, meaning “To heal the whole person.” The staff more than lives up to this standard; Georgetown is an extraordinary place to heal!

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