Plant the Seeds of Healing


Love and compassion are the only proven tools for transforming hatred.
Looking deeply into the nature of the current wave of hatred sweeping our society, I find fear, craving and suffering as its foundation. Part of love involves restraining those intent on doing harm, of course, both for their sake and for the sake of their intended victims. If you bring the best of your intelligence and skill to the problem, you will be able to do so in the most nonviolent way possible.

The people drawn to hatemongers suffer deeply. They’re hooked on poison, just as surely as a heroin addict is. The bottom floor of their pain is delusion. They’re deluded by the Pied Piper of hatred (in whatever form he takes at the moment) into a belief that “the other” is the reason for all their disappointment and pain. They honestly believe that eliminating these people will also mean eliminating their suffering.

This is an illusion, of course. Just like the addict who believes that the needle holds the cure for all his suffering, their craving will return twice as powerful after the rush they get from hatred and violence subsides. It’s then that getting off the poison becomes a possibility. If an intelligent and profoundly calm person is available to them at that point, that person can plant the seeds of healing in their consciousness.

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