The Power of Journalling


I’ve talked about this before, but I can not stress enough  the power in journalling.  Whether you use a laptop, book and pen, or become completely untraditional and use art as your journal: just taking a minute to be with your thoughts is a monumental experience.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve gone through a lot of changes (all positive) but all required a shift (both mentally and physically).  I had to change my schedule,  my pattern and my thoughts: all which resulted in a bit of struggle and are slowly becoming resolved through journalling. So I thought for this week, I would share my journalling method: How I use writing things done to change my “I can’t…or it’s too much, to I can’s!!!”

Journalling to me is a meditation: Here is the process: the words with the breathe.  Each gently blend with each other: strengthening the positive and letting the toxic (thoughts, ideas, breath) go.

The psychology of journaling is about getting the stuff out. You don’t have to keep it. So get rid of that negative energy, the “I cant’s” in your life. Put it in your journal. Let it go. You never have to read it again.   Remember your brain releases negative energy easily. It wants to let it go. So write them all down. Keep taking those deep breaths, and let each one go. As you write it each negative thought down, picture it taking flight up and off the page as it floats away (exhale). Let it go.

On your next inhale; take a moment to see the beautiful empowering new thought has slowly emerging. This is the true you, this is who you are. This wonderful, beautiful potential.

Allow your breath to gently transform each no into a yes. Each I can’t into an I can. And each doubt into an empowering belief.

Think of this journal as a mini metamorphism.   Those negative thoughts some that were hiding very deep inside you, were holding you still. Some of those thoughts may have been so powerful, that they may even have been pushing you back. Each of those negative thoughts and ideas were not allowing you to grow and to become that beautiful butterfly that you were meant to be.

This journal  is your chrysalis.  A wee little caterpillar, knows the moment when it’s body is ready to take the next step, to begin that magically transformation. At that moment, they will reside in their chrysalis and allow the final transformation to occur.  I regularly use my journal, as my own chrysalis. I let my thoughts (without edit) to reside there. When a negative one surfaces, I write it down and let it go. The chrysalis is there to protect the caterpillar, and the journal has always served as my protection. Allow your journal to be your hard shell that will absorb your resistance, your frustrations and help you to connect to your inner light.

After I’ve written down the negative thoughts (the I can’ts) I take a deep breathe,  letting each and every one go.  And then I turn to a new page.

I love to absorb the pages freshness, its possibilities; it’s willingness to receive.   At this moment, I write down all of those wonderful new thoughts that I’ve inhaled.   I take the time to fully absorb each and every one of those magical I can’s.   I allow them to sneak into my body and mind, penetrating all areas, filling my body with all its possibilities. Continue to breathe them in and start the process of awakening to the true you.

Take the time to awaken to your full brilliance, breathe out. Allow your body to find its calm and piece. Allow your whole being to experience the gratitude of who you are. Be daring and tell yourself that you are wonderful, amazing and empowered.   Allow yourself to be you.


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