Pushups with a Yoga Twist

Dolphin Pushups

These pushups are based on Dolphin Pose. They will definitely challenge you!

Dolphin pushups are great for building strength in your back, arms, shoulders and core. Practice these pushups to help you prepare for heastand and forearm balances like Scorpion.

2 thoughts on “Pushups with a Yoga Twist”

  1. Love doing these Charlotte. Thanks for the clarification that you do walk your feet back a little in between the two movements. I am never sure about that so when I offer it in class, I see all different interpretations of the pose happening (mostly, butts up in the air) and I am telling folks to lower their tushies. However, it seems more difficult without first walking the feet back on the mat. Great exercise for the new year ahead!

  2. charlotte bradley

    I have tried it both ways – moving feet back and not. For me, I just get better alignment if I do move them. My shoulders feel much more stable and my butt stays down.

    I actually also videotaped it without moving my feet (because I know a lot of people like to do it that way) and I could tell I looked out of whack! I say try it both ways and see what works for you!

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