Radiating Power through the Seventh Chakra

Over the past week and a half, I have been focusing on opening my sixth Chakra. I found that this chakra required a bit more self-reflection then the others, as it was really about tying everything together. However, I’m proud to say, that finally I feel ready to start working on the seventh and final chakra: Sahasrara-Radiating Power.

Learn How to Radiate your Personal Power

The seventh chakra is located at the crown of your head, with all of the other six chakras leading up to this final one. The color of this chakra is sometimes seen as violet, but more often it is referred to as white. This chakra is the combination of all the other chakras, just like white is the combination of all colours.

By balancing and opening your six chakras, you will prepare your mind and body to reach the seventh one. Working on the seventh chakra requires a full integration of the other six, so that you naturally feel relaxed and balanced. I have to admit, I have never fully reached the natural knowledge state that is said to come when all other chakras are balanced. However; I have found that the moment of peacefulness that I get for simply attempting to reach this state makes the entire journey worthwhile.

When the seventh chakra is fully developed, you will be able to reach the state of wisdom. Working on this chakra is about opening your mind to knowledge, understanding, spiritual connection and bliss. However, this knowledge is not something that you can obtain through books but only through developing your own self-awareness .

Meditating to Focus on Sahasrara

As the seventh chakra is about focusing on opening your mind and reaching a higher level of consciousness, the primary way to develop this chakra is through meditation.

Through meditation you allow your mind to enter a state of reflection, and allow any issues or concerns to surface and then be naturally released. The meditation should be a time of calmness and complete relaxation. In order to fully reach the level of Sahasara: open mindness, you should try to set aside 18-20 minutes for meditation.

End your Practice with Savasana

The reason why almost all yoga classes end in Savasana (the Corpse Pose) is it allows us to become in touch with each area of our body. This is an important practice to continue in your practice, for it helps you to balance your body, and enter a deeper relaxation.

If you don’t do anything else to work on the seventh chakra, give yourself the gift of Savasana at the end of each of your yoga sessions.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed our discussion on the seven chakras, and that if nothing else, you were able to recognize the strength between our mind and body.

For those that have joined me on this journey, remember that there is no time limit. Take your time working through each of the chakras. Some you may find that you naturally develop on a daily basis, others may require a few weeks or even months to focus on them and to find balance. Please don’t let this journey end after this week, working on your chakras is a life time experience

Just a little side note, on the Yoga in Canada website there is a retreat in May in Costa Rica on Kundalini yoga and developing the seven Chakras . I haven’t had the luxury of being able to attend a retreat, but it does sound like a fantastic experience. If anyone is able to go or has gone on any similar retreats, please let me know.

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