Reconnecting to your Roots

Last week, I attended a yoga class whose focus was on the sixth chakra: the third eye. Once the chakra was discussed, the focus of the class took on an entirely different meaning for me. I became aware of the thoughts that were coming to my mind that I had pushed away or ignored. I began to reflect on whether I was aware of my intuitive thoughts and if so was I listening to them? All week I felt much more in tune with my body and my thoughts, and this got me thinking that it was time that I focused on all 7 of my Chakra areas. So I’ve made a commitment to myself, that I would designate each week to one Chakra area.

Chakras: Our Natural Energy

Chakra  is the Sanskrit word for wheel and it is often referred to as the Wheel of Life. There are 7 Chakras each one representing an energy surrounding a particular area of our body. At different moments in our lives, one or more chakras may become underactive and as a direct result another area of our body will be become overactive to balance our energy level. To function at an ideal state, all Chakras should be balanced.

The Root Chakra:

This week I will be focusing on the first of the seven chakras: the Root Chakra. The root chakra is the chakra for survival. It is the first chakra that we focus on in the womb: as the fetus takes the nutrition required from the mother’s body to ensure their own survival.

Dr. Barry Kapke discusses how that as children, we have a strong link to this root chakra called “Hara” by the Japanese. As a child, we are express our thoughts and our bodies and bellies seem to be more relaxed.  Children are naturally in touch with their root Chakra and it’s energetic needs. It is only when we get older that we tend to focus more on the needs of our minds and forget about the basic needs that our body requires.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and links us to our physical world. According to Kathryn Morrow,  author of the Colour of Nutrition, the colour of the root Chakra is red representing the life force and energy. This Chakra helps to keep us grounded by giving us courage and strength. Focusing on the root chakra is ideal if you feel that you have poor circulation, feeling cold or tired, or are lacking courage and self-confidence.

Strengthening your Root Chakra with Yoga

Strengthening your feet and connecting to the ground with strong powerful poses will help open the Root Chakra. Triangle, mountain, warrior and tree pose will help accomplish the goal in opening this chakra. In each pose, focus on the strength of your lower body and the support that it provides you.

To become fully grounded, focus on the movements that your feet and legs do for you throughout the day. Pay attention on how the ball and the heel of your foot naturally hit the ground. Now make slight changes to your natural walking pattern, take softer steps and then with more power. Recognize the connection between your mind and your body and the beauty of this natural connection.

Focusing on this chakra helps you to connect back to your basic needs and build your confidence and courage.  It is fairly simple to reconnect to this chakra, however because of its simplicity, it is often something that we take for granted.  Appreciating the strength and power of our lower body will help us reconnect to our basic needs.  This simple acknowledgement is what we need to build the confidence and courage to helps us through our challenges.

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