Try Shoelace Pose to Open Your Hips

Shoelace pose is a yin yoga posture that targets the hips and lower spine. Have a look at the video below to see how it’s done.


There is not a lot of muscle involvement in Yin yoga postures. The intention is to target the deeper connective tissue (ligaments, fascia). This is important for both the physical and energetic bodies.

Just like muscles need to be exercised, the connective tissues also need to be exercised (or stressed) in order to strengthen them. Connective tissue responds to a slow and steady load thus the poses are more gentle and held for longer periods (typically 3-5 minutes). Recently, it has been posited that connective tissue running throughout the body provides pathways for the energy to flow.  A yin practice may result in emotional release as the energy is moved and becomes unblocked.

Shoelace pose:

  • Opens the hips
  • Decompresses the spin if folding forward
  • Energetically, it targets the liver and gall bladder meridians


  • If hips are tight, sit on a pillow or block
  • If the knees feel stressed, you can try extending the lower leg out in front of you

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