“Smileworthies” and “Words of the Week”

Smiling is good for you, body and mind. It releases endorphins, the brain’s natural “feel-good” chemicals. I’ve been collecting what I call “Smileworthies” (things worth feeling good about) for a few months now, and sharing them on my blog.

Speaking of minds and brains, there’s nothing quite like increasing your vocabulary by reading challenging books to sharpen your intellect and keep your head clear. (It also makes you a more formidable Scrabble opponent.) I’ve been doing a “Words of the Week” feature on my blog for awhile now as well. I’d like to share a few of both categories for the edification of all Yoga Flavored Life readers everywhere!

Smileworthies: October 7, 2012

1) Reading in a warm, dry house on a cold, wet day.

2) Sipping hot Echinacea tea.

3) A comfortable recliner.

Words of the Week: October 9, 2012

1) Athwart – In opposition to, as in “I stand athwart the distinguished gentleman’s proposal.”

2) Meretricious – tawdry or falsely attractive, as in “The majority stood athwart the proposal, saying it was at best meretricious and at worst a threat to liberty.”

3) Discrepant – At variance, as in “Analyses from the panel of medical ethicists were highly discrepant. Some supported the measure wholeheartedly, others found it ethically neutral; still others stood strongly athwart it, judging it to be meretricious.”

Smileworthies: November 10, 2012

1) National Public Radio

2) French Roast coffee

3) Multicolored leaves

Words of the Week: November 15, 2012

1) Surfeit – An overabundance of something, as in “A surfeit of dress code memos began to issue from the home office.”

2) Supererogatory – performed to an extent not enjoined or required, as in “A surfeit of memos regarding the dress code made a sign banning t shirts and jeans a supererogatory measure.”

3) Bête noir – a person or thing detested and avoided, as in “The surfeit of dress code memos, followed by several supererogatory signs, made the new administrator the bête noir of the rank and file.”

Enjoy you’re your own smileworthy moments this week…and your next game of Scrabble!

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