Spring Awakening

Cherry BlossomsAs I look at the window, I feel completely exhilarated. The sun is shining, birds are singing and every other happy metaphor seems to occur simultaneously.  It is hard to go outside and resist skipping: yes ala Sound of Music.  If you haven’t figured it out: I love spring.

I’ve always wondered why the New Year didn’t occur in the springtime?  It is the perfect time for new beginnings and in my opinion the ideal time for new resolutions.  As a practice, I’ve always set new goals in spring, when the weather pushes my motivation to just do more.   However sometimes it’s hard to get out of the winter rut.

According to Yoga Journal, ayurveda discusses this dilemma of shedding your winter coat.  For the past few months, most individuals go into a semi-hibernation mode.  The cooler climate and shorter days encourage rest, heartier foods and less movement.  However; in spring time the outdoor environment experiences a complete shift.

Ayurveda advises gradually lightening your winter load and immersing yourself into the spring environment.  Some of its recommendations are:

  • Eating Lighter Foods
  • Adding cleansing herbs to your diet such as turmeric and ginger
  • Light exercise: asana practice
  • Breathing: Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Activity that increases circulation and joint motility

This spring, I’ve been particularly overzealous: partially because I’ve been tired of winter and partly becomes my home environment seemed hampered with sickness.  I’ve done a massive spring-cleaning, getting rid of all items that are excess (its amazing how much excess I collected in the winter).  In addition, I’ve sought out fresh produce and am trying to introduce a new food into each meal.

My personal spring awakening:

1)   Daily walk  (even in the rain, the walk is just a bit shorter)

2)   20 minutes outdoor yoga practice (weather permitting)

3)   Daily juice: fresh fruit and vegetables (more on juicing in a future blog)

4)   Mindful eating: incorporating more vegan/live foods

5)   Water (infused with either cucumber or lemon)

6)   Making conscious connections: turning off cell phones and enjoying the company

7)   Adding more life: plants, flowers to both my outdoor and indoor environment

As part of my personal journey, I’ve also continued with the chakra practice.  Reconnecting with each chakra on a regular basis and ensuring that they were still open and active.  My life is far from perfect, I still find myself living in my headspace instead of real life.  When these moments occur, I look at my mini reminder posted in my office door: Be Present.  As an added bonus, I have two little people who remind me of the joy of being present on a regular basis.

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