Symbiation – Part 5

Back at the beginning of August we moved away from our talk on Symbiation, which as you may recall is a form of symbol meditation that focuses on ancient geometrical designs along with a prevailing mindset of working in a state of symbiosis with our planet.  Today, I would like to return to the discussion and elaborate further on our journey towards exploring the symbols.  These symbols transcend religion, race, and belief systems and are inherent in every culture on the planet in one form or another.

Sight as a weapon

A mantra can be thought of as a verbal echo of the millions who have used it to steady and calm the mind and bring about alternate states – in this same manner a symbol acts as a visual echo, releasing information on a subconscious level far beyond our waking intelligence and awakening us to a higher reality.  Yoga is another form of symbol meditation in itself, relying on the body to form shapes and postures that are evident in animal life and our natural world.  The advantage in Symbiation lies in its ability to engage our sense of sight, using it as a weapon against distraction as opposed to viewing sight as a sense we need to quash along with the remaining ‘demons’ that hide us from our own true light within.

If you have not had the opportunity to read the prior articles in the Symbiation series, they are listed here for your reference.  I would recommend reading the introductory articles prior to continuing on from this point (in order, top to bottom):

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Although Symbiation will work just as well when applied regardless of the belief system we subscribe to, there are a few Universal Truths which if we can find acceptable will enrich and hasten the process of unlocking our true selves.  The first of these Truths is the principle of reincarnation.  Reincarnation of one form or another has been accepted in nearly all of the world’s mystical systems, including sects within Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabalism, many Shamanic traditions, scores of Aboriginal Peoples from many countries, and even Christians until suppressed by the Church.

To reincarnate

Both Christ and Buddha alluded to reincarnation in their teachings, although it would take a thousand bible scholars to unravel the Bible’s corruptions in order to expose the truth as far as Christ is concerned.  The reason why a large part of the population believes in reincarnation is simple – it makes sense, especially in light of the difficulties we face on our journey towards realizing we already are what we seek.  Reincarnation becomes self-evident as few of us, especially in modern societies, will ever accomplish the entire journey in a single lifetime.  This does not mean to say that the journey is not worthwhile by any means.

The singular argument used against reincarnation revolves around our inability to remember past lives.  My own experiences contrary to many beliefs, say otherwise.  I have found it possible to access fragments of past lives with a minimal level of awareness; although the experience can be disconcerting and cause confusion.  There is a valid reason that our core self – our True Self – is hidden from our conscious mind by what Sufi mystics calls “a hundred veils of illusion.”  Our previous lives give us a temperament towards our current physical existence, similar to choosing which fork to take on a trail without being aware of it.  To be even somewhat aware of a previous existence can remove the focus from the gifts and importance this life has to offer and could lead to eventual mental illness.

Karma – The Law of cause and effect

This leads to the second rule – the rule of Karma, which is simple cause and effect – the guiding force in determining your signposts and perceived blocks on your current path in this life and all lives.  This does not mean that our destiny has already been decided however; it simply means that each of us is here in the exact circumstances and situations we need to move forward on our individual journeys – should we choose to.  As you progress in Symbiation, awareness of past lives will naturally arise when the time comes that you begin to be aware of your constant connectedness and oneness with all of Creation and the Divine.  Under these circumstances, this awareness of past lives can lead to profound leaps forward on our journey in this life. This occurs through the understanding of Karma and our current consciousness and path of our journey.

The rule of Karma lies in our journey from unconsciousness to ever-deeper levels of awareness as we progress from birth, to death, to rebirth.  We can lose nothing of what is truly real or essential in this transition – our past lessons are forever imprinted within our genetic makeup as Infinite Truths are revealed and become part of our continued development.  This naturally gives rise to the relationship between past Karma and the consciousness with which we enter this current physical existence.  Karma is not a burden or unknown judgement from a past you are not aware of, as many current interpretations suggest.  Each of us is born into this life with a direction and intention moulded by Karma – the law of cause and effect.  In every choice we make, every thought and deed, new effects on Karma in past, present and future lives are being realized.  Perhaps Buddha said it best when asked about Karma:  “Karma creates like an artist and composes like a dancer.”

Divine journey

The more aware we become of our divine nature and the laws of our journey, the more we are able to consciously participate in the infinite dance that is our existence.  We become co-creators of our lives in constant union and awareness of the Divine.  Through the gift of birth into this lifetime, we are able to grasp the myriad opportunities that human consciousness has to offer in terms of growth and evolution not only as an individual, but as a species as well.  The Divine birthright belonging to EVERY member of humanity of self-realization, transformation and union with the Creator must be absorbed deep into your conscious mind, especially in light of the deranged believe of original sin.  The only thing you must understand right NOW, in this present moment, is that you have the opportunity for spiritual growth and so does anyone born to this Earth, regardless of religion, race, beliefs, or social position.

If we are to save this planet and all of humanity from a major setback in our development that we heading toward, we must realize that Western society is a big part of the problem.  As world leaders we contributed to most of the problems the world faces today, on a level far greater than any other countries combined.  This is due to a great extent by the ego-identity society in which we live today.  This ego develops in phases between approximately five to twelve years and is a necessary part of human survival.  The problem is that within Western society, we tend to identify with the ego totally, allowing this false self to define our reality in its narrow and fearful view – putting a big “E” in Ego, elevating it to almost God-like status in our society.  As a result of this, almost everything in our world glorifies the values of Ego as opposed to Spirit.

Valueless Values of Ego

Our culture is almost entirely materialistic in nature, designed around self-centeredness and the pursuit of personal power through wealth and control.  Not only are the limited values of ego consciousness revered as the ultimate goals in life, but true knowledge of the possibilities of awareness outside of this false self are flatly denied and ridiculed.  There is hope, never fear.

If you begin to search, even half-consciously, for the greater Truths of our existence, all of Creation begins to work with you to guide your way.  In the blessed words of Mohammed, “Take one step towards God and God will take a thousand steps towards you.”  When we start to search in earnest and with unwavering intent, the creative essence of all things will light a path leading to Universal Truths to the benefit of all humanity.  It is through this that ultimately our planet will be healed as well as our misguided societal views.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the reality of our existence and how meditation on ancient symbols accelerates our journey towards spiritual awakening, we are ready to discuss the key geometric shapes and some of their ancient meanings which serve to guide you in the right direction.  This will be the focus of next week’s article.


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