Symbiation – Part Seven

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed Wednesday’s article and found something beneficial in it.  A brief note on the HRM sun gazing method which I began back at the beginning of August; then we will return to the remaining symbols used in Symbiation.

Two and a half months have essentially gone by, and I can report that my need and hunger for food has recently begun diminishing noticeably.  I find myself capable of maintaining a healthy body weight and high energy levels on around 1200 calories a day at this point – which flies right in the face of Western thinking, as I am a healthy 180 Lbs and put in one to two hours of Yoga daily plus anywhere from eight to sixteen kilometres hiking and/or riding my bike.  If you are interested in reading up on this sun gazing method, links to part one and part two are given here:

The Yoga of the Sun

The Yoga of the Sun – Part Two

Symbiation – The symbols continued


The hexagon is seen in the I Ching; one of the oldest living books available to humanity. The sixty four possible combinations of solid and broken lines are known as hexagrams, composed of six lines each and representing all the possible mixes of Yin and Yang forces in nature. This demonstrates the physical world in all its variations and interactions while containing the subtle spiritual essence which ultimately manifests all things.

A symbol embodying enclosed harmonic duality, the hexagram also contains the six pointed star know as the Seal of Solomon. By placing the hexagram within a circle, the natural geometrical division allows six circles to fit precisely around the circumference of a seventh circle. Twelve may also fit mathematically around a thirteenth, bring to mind Christ and the twelve apostles and symbolizing the order of the universe.

The six-pointed star contained with the hexagram is most commonly known today as the Star of David and appears prominently on the Israeli flag. The Drum of Shiva is called a Damaru in Sanskrit and is encoded within the hexagram. The Sanskrit language came into being by the beating of the drum of Shiva, as well as the musical scale…


The heptagon is a symbol of balance. The only geometric shape which cannot be bisected by a whole number, the heptagon embodies the day God rested, the seven colors of the rainbow, and represents feeling and instincts including love. The heptagon also relates to the seven chakras of the body. These nodes of energy when in balance can assist in healing and conscious well-being. It is a symbol of inward containment and the union of the spiritual triangle with the four elements. Closely related is the heptagram or seven-pointed star, a sacred symbol in Wiccan tradition:


The Egyptian myth of creation states that the One transforms into two, two transforms into four, four transforms into eight and then becomes one again. In Buddhism, the Wheel of Dharma and its eight-fold path of enlightenment also reflect the octagon.

In Islam, the highest name of Allah is “The Compassionate One.” Through His breath the universe is created, maintained, dissolved, only to be created again. By folding out the eight corners of the octagon reveals the expansion or exhalation of the Breath of Creation by which form is made manifest. Within the octagon we find the horizontal ‘figure eight;’ the symbol for infinity as shown below:

This symbol epitomizes completion and rejuvenation of the Universal Cycle of Existence.
In the I Ching the number of Hexagrams detailing all of life and its interactions in both the physical and spiritual world is an eight by eight matrix, as is the Periodic Table which is formed of repeating patterns of eight. Inside our own bodies, cells go through eight stages in reproducing themselves.

Often depicted as an eight-legged spider, the octagon is an ancient symbol for the Earth Mother, manifesting the physical while spinning the web of fate for humanity. Within her threads lie choice and the opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation if desired. In the octagon we see the first number after seven, which is a symbol for life. In both pagan and Christian belief, the octagon represents the new life after baptism. Christ himself was resurrected on the eighth day, having transcended this life and being reborn. The octagon is also a symbol depicting space and time, the four cardinal directions (North, West, East and South) as well as the four seasons – more specifically the two solstices and two equinoxes.

Inside Christian churches and cathedrals we find the octagonal baptismal font, used in the purification of the unconsciousness during baptism ceremonies. Eight is a number of cosmic balance, rebirth and regeneration as embodied in the Scottish Enneagram depicted below. The Enneagram is a unique symbol in that it has relations to octagonal, heptagonal and nonagon geometry.


The nonagon embodies three times three and represents the ultimate expression of the Holy Trinity. In early Christianity, the nonagon was known as the Star of the Holy Spirit. At the end of a prayer, the word “amen” is reduced to nine in Greek gematria. The nonagon also has significance today and in the past in Freemason society.

Within the tail of a human sperm cell lie nine parallel tubes, and the average length of gestation of a human fetus is nine months. There are nine opening in the human body and in ancient times there were considered to be nine elements of the body; bones, brains, nerves, blood, veins, skin, flesh, nails and hair.

The Hebrews called the nonagon a symbol of Immutable Truth through its relation to the number nine. The number nine and the correspondence to the octagon are unique. Every time you multiply nine by any number, the digits add up to nine. For instance, 2 x 9 = 18 and 1+8(18) = 9. Nine is also the highest single digit number in the decimal system and is also the third square.
In Islamic, Indian, Jewish, Celtic and Tibetan traditions, the magic square created by using the first nine numbers of the decimal system in a three by three grid is considered sacred and full of power.

Chinese sacred architecture uses nine repeatedly – it is a Yang number designating “Heaven.” Within the Temple of Heaven in Beijing is the Circular Mound Alter composed of three tiers with nine steps at each of its four corners. Surrounding the round central stone radiate nine fan shaped stones, then eighteen and so on until the last row containing eighty-one stones The total number of stones is 3,402 which is reduced to nine in numerological practices (3+4+0+2=9).

In Mayan architecture, the Pyramid of Ku’Kulkan at Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula has nine levels. Ancient Egypt had nine Gods and Goddesses. Collectively there were known as the Great Ennead: Ra, his children Tefnut and Shu (water and air), their children, Nut and Geb (sky and earth) and their children, Isis, Oisiris, Set, and Nephthys. When all thirty-six edges of a regular nonagon are connected, the result looks like this:


This figure is used and references certain aspects of hyperspace theory within science today. Although hard to visualize in one dimension, the Enneazetton has facets extending into seven dimensions as opposed to the three we are comfortable conceptualizing; length, width and height.


The tetractys (pronounced “tet-trak’tis”) reveals the mysteries of Universal Nature, containing the music rations 4:1. These harmonics are the very vibrations we know scientifically which govern creation in our physical world.

Known to be of Hindu antiquity and older still, the tetractys represents the ten words of God. Pythagoras and his followers saw the tetractys as a symbolic blueprint for Creation itself. If you were to add the mathematical sum of a tetractys, you have an answer of twenty-seven, the supposed number of the human soul. It is interesting to note that twenty-seven reduces itself to nine according to Greek gematria; the ultimate expression of the Holy Trinity.

Mystical Judaism regards the tetractys as representation of the spheres on the Tree of Life within the Kabbalah. Known as Sephiroth – the emanations of God by which the universe was given form, Jewish Kabbalists created their own using the divine name of God in four letters. When added together, the letters number ten in total, composing another name of God related to Jehovah.

The tetractys was also known as the “Mystic Tetrad,” and represents the organization of space, containing all four dimensions. Used by Tarot reader and Alchemists alike, the common thread of the tetractys remains essentially the same. Symbolic of Creation itself, the tetractys exists today within the Catholic Church: an archbishop’s coat of arms displays twin tetractys designs.

As a final point of profound importance, the long strings of nucleic acid in DNA are structured precisely according to the tetractys, the four-fold subdivision of Creation in musical scale. In Chemistry today it is known as the law of octaves and demonstrates the repeating characteristics of the Periodic Table and the harmonic relationship of the elements.

Tetragrammaton, or the Divine Name in four letters (IHVH)

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a genetic blueprint for the unfolding processes in nature; the branching patterns depicting the geometry of light interacting as genetic material within every aspect of our bodies and at a cellular level. These patterns describe branch-chain molecules within amino acids, the “building-block” proteins of life itself, as well as the genetic arrangement of our DNA.

The Flower of Life is the result of outward rotations, achieved by the vortex effect of the torus, a shape fundamental to the creation and recreation of matter itself. Embedded in the Flower of Life is also the Fruit of Life, which carries embedded within it thirteen systems of information which govern geometric the aspects fundamental to our reality.

Each outward rotation of these ‘cells’ is a form unto itself; though it seems in two dimensions as a series of circles, the Flower of Life is actually a three-dimensional symbol of spheres within spheres. The first of these outward rotations is the Seed of Life, a series of spheres known as the Tree of Life in the Jewish Kabbalah. These ten spheres each contain one of the first ten numbers from which all mathematics is derived and are said contain the keys to all knowledge.

From the Seed of Life emerges the Egg of Life, a pattern whose combined harmonics underlie all biological life on this planet. Following the Egg of Life, the Flower of Life emerges, unique in that you may draw a hexagon over the design at any point – a symbol seen still in modern Jewish faith.

The Flower of Life is constructed from a circle divided into the Vesica Piscis repeatedly. This division is repeated seven times until rotated outward to create a “cell” and with this eighth division, a new outward expression begins. As each “cell” is embodies with the pattern of the whole matrix, they act as a hologram, paralleling our universe in structure.

In every detail, the Flower of Life is a symbol containing all the patterns of the spiritual and physical nature of all existence. The hexagonal matrix within the Flower of Life reveals the Platonic Solids, the five dimensional crystallizations of the creative essence of the Creator. We know that within the scientifically known universe, we find Nothingness, followed by an explosion of Light, which over time coalesced into coarser and coarser states of existence…

Galaxies, planets, stars…matter and the remnants of this light expand outward in all directions, only to one day contract again and return to a point in space. The outer “sphere” from which the Flower of Life is born is in fact the Universe, the Divine and Humanity. “As it is on Earth, so it is in Heaven.”
Flying in the face of many western religions is the overwhelming realization that there is no separation between anything – between each other, between the material planes of existence; all of Creation is contained within the Divine consciousness of the Creator itself.

3-D projection of the Flower of Life

We’ve done it! There is only one more article left in this series – the practice itself. May your weekend be pleasant and peaceful for you and your loved ones.


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