All pictures by Sean Rogders, November 02, 2010

Only a week ago, I started a “part-time” job working at a department store in our small downtown core, only four blocks from my residence.  I did not apply for this job – I was stopped on the sidewalk by the store manager and asked if I would like it, not odd at all in my world of synchronicity…

Meant to be

The department store changes stock rapidly, so weekly trips are fun just to see what’s new – and through these visits as a customer, I somehow gave the store staff  the impression I would make an excellent employee (never crossed my mind).   Two weeks ago as I made my way for my weekly visit, I spotted the store manager and the assistant manager standing at the corner out in front of the store having coffee.  I said “Hi” as I walked by, and was called back by the store manager and offered the job.  It seemed natural, meant to be even.

Nearly two months ago, I began to have minor money troubles between running a non-profit Yoga society, living expenses, etc…  I was sitting under the tree in our backyard at the picnic table with two of my roommates discussing the situation, when one of them suggested I get a part time job.  I agreed, and in that moment knew that when the time was right, the job would find me.  I went so far as to ‘warn’ my two companions that by simply thinking on it, I would set into motion events that would lead to my employment.

The “part-time” job has been forty hours so far last week, and forty more coming this week.  Apparently “part-time” only applies after Christmas…  The good news is that by then, the extra money will allow me to bring much more Christmas cheer to those who need it most.  So far, the job has been great.  The people I work with are funny, hard-working folks; the atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful, and I have had the opportunity to talk with so many people.  Again, I expected nothing less when I decided part-time work was necessary and felt that thought or intention expand outward from my core.


What is synchronicity?  It is a word.  I say this because it is so important to see beyond the words and listen to your intuition, or Spirit, which you may think of as your Universal Communicator.  The word synchronicity tries to describe a natural state that we all have available to us at all times.  This natural state is one of harmony between our perceived wants and needs and our true desires and needs as known by the Universe, or God.  How do we achieve this harmony?

Let Go

Let go.  Let go of worry.  Let go of fear, frustration, anxiety…let it all go.  When we worry, we actually assist in compounding our own difficulties.  The waves of negativity and worries about things usually yet to occur in some possible future only serve to increase the chances that they will materialize.  Instead, rest in the knowledge that everything that is occurring in your life right now is there for a reason.  Don’t pray for your troubles to disappear, or meditate and contemplate what to do.  Instead, find a sense of calm and peace within you through the understanding that if you keep your eyes open, no problem is ever given without a solution as well.


Play…  Play with the falling leaves, climb a tree, splash in a puddle – anything – as long as you consider it carefree, child-like play.  Our Universe is one of playfulness and spontaneity, and we are a part of that playfulness.  Find joy and joyful expression in the simplest of life’s gifts, and the Universe will laugh and play with you.  Smile, and smile some more.  Laugh at things funny – most importantly – laugh at yourself.  Remember, nothing scares away our own internal demons better than laughter.

Be Aware

Practice awareness, especially awareness of your Intuition or Spirit.  Our reality is only defined by our viewpoint – and much of that viewpoint comes from our level of awareness.  When I first learned of awareness, I thought it meant only with the five senses – but true awareness emanates from our sixth sense:  Intuition, or Spirit.

In order to become more aware of our pathway and the Universe’s desire to see us have a fun-filled and joyful journey, we have to become less aware – sort of.  The next time you have what seems to be a chance encounter, or a sudden change of environment, job, or friendship…let it all go, don’t worry, have fun, and ask only one question:  “How am I to serve?”  Don’t worry about the physical aspects at all, listen with your Soul.  See past the obvious and allow yourself to really feel what the other person or situation you are in is saying to you.  Don’t think of the right answer – pay attention to the situation and then speak or act from your heart.  In serving others and the Universe, we serve ourselves.

I wish I had…

When objects, money or situations are needed in order to remedy a current bind we are in, we tend to start wishing for them, even getting a little demanding in the process.  It is easy to forget that the physical trials and problems we see blocking our paths are only there to teach a deeper truth, or perhaps we are to be the teacher to someone else.  If you absolutely know for certain that which you need, focus your mind, state your need clearly, and then let it go without regard for the result – go back to playing and having fun.  If you are unsure of what you need to take care of a perceived problem, ask for guidance in whatever form it may take, let go of the result – and still go back to playing and having fun.

A synchronous life

Leading a synchronous life means putting our money where our mouths are when it comes to our faith in God, the Universe, or whatever you choose to call The All.  These ten steps may help you start down the path to peace, acceptance, and harmony in your day to day affairs:

Sean’s ten steps to freedom

1.  Realize that money is just like the waters of the ocean – it flows in and it flows out.  This occurs naturally with or without your effort or concern.

2.  No perceived problem can exist in our world without the solution sitting there right alongside it.  Focusing on the problem helps the solution hide even more so.

3.  Our needs are meant to be fulfilled instantaneously as they are required; only we can prevent that from happening.

4.  Harmony begins with Trust.  Trust that the Universe – or God, if you will – has only the best in store for you.

5.  Stop thinking so ‘one-dimensional!’  Most of our perceived problems are materialized by our own Ego, and can be dematerialized through calming the mind.

6.  Have fun – no matter what you are doing.  The best way to have fun is to give whatever task you are engaged in all of your attention.

7.  Take nothing personally.  It is easy to think we are the target of abuse, pain, or suffering at the hands of another, but realize that it would have happened to whomever was there at the time – you or otherwise.

8.  Keep your own word with yourself.  How can you expect the Universe to deliver on your expectations when you are not willing to act in kind?

9.  Practice peace and calmness from within at all times.

10.  Let go of all worry and fear.  None of it is truly real to start with.

Until next week, may your journey be one of harmony and synchronicity with Life and all Creation.


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