Boundless Joy

There is a sacred stillness to which we may return, There to rediscover our true nature. In this present moment, merely breathing in and out, Illusion falls away and we are free. This is a minimalist poem I once wrote immediately after meditating. I was really “blissing out” after twenty minutes of mantra meditation that

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Vipassanā Meditation: The Honing of Insight

Vipassanā is a Pali word meaning “insight” or “clear vision.” Vipassanā or Insight Meditation is an ancient meditation technique that emerged thousands of years ago in India. It is traditionally credited to Gautama Buddha, but it is more likely that he resurrected it from an earlier tradition and popularized it. The Insight Meditation practitioner sits

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Happiness: One of the Major Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

The Buddha taught that all sentient beings seek happiness and try to avoid suffering. Other wise teachers, both religious and secular, have understood this truth, and recommended becoming happy by bringing joy to others. Jesus of Nazareth taught “Do to others what you would have them do to you;” the Jain scriptures advise, “In happiness

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Sacred Spaces

Do you have a “sacred space” devoted to your times of meditation? Most practitioners do. Of course, any place can be deemed sacred by the meditation practitioner; it doesn’t have any specific physical requirements. The picture below… …shows my outdoor space of choice (see the bench at the top of the waterfall?). My indoor space

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