Taking a Moment to Feel Focused


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Taking a Moment to Feel Focused

If my mind is feeling particularly scattered, I find that the best solution is to take a deep cleansing breathe and follow a series combining both balancing and grounding poses.

Meditation is often praised as the top technique to use when feeling overwhelmed and/or anxious.  However, I find that if I sit or a lie in a serene pose before doing the asanas I can’t focus.  My mind wanders and my anxiety tends to increase.

Conversely, if I stand up take a deep breathe and follow the series listed below, I find that both my body and mind are primed for meditation and ultimately my day just feels much more focused.  Today, I thought I would spend a few moments to share my mini version of the practice with you.  Enjoy.

Finding some Focus:

The asanas in this practice are done moderately, spending 10 to 20 seconds in each pose.

Sun Salutation:

I am a traditionalist and so I tend to begin most of my practices with a Sun Salutation.  I love the feeling in my body when I reach up from Tadasana, stretching to the sky and allowing my body to naturally fold over.   Depending on time, I will do anywhere from 1 to 3 salutations in a row.

Warrior Series

I continue my practice with The Warrior series (I, II and III).  I find that these three asanas individually have their own beauty but together are a wonderful tool to help develop both strength and focus.

Warrior I

Perfect for grounding both my mind and body, Warrior I helps me connect to the strength in the lower body and become aware of my breath as I open my chest to the front of the room.

Warrior II

As I elongate my body into Warrior II, my chest opens even further.  I try to take a few moments listening to my breath and connecting to how my body feels as it stretches into this asana.

Warrior III

Warrior III is often a test in how balanced I’m feeling on that day.  I begin this pose by moving back into Tadasana (Mountain Pose), and then reach my leg back and my arms forward.  If I’m feeling particularly unsteady, I will bring my leg forward first establishing a strong root and then slowly lean my upper body forward as my leg swings back.

Repeat the Warrior series on the other side

Tree Pose:

Return to Tadasana, and begin into tree pose.  I always find it interesting when I follow Warrior III with tree pose.  In both asanas, your body needs to be strong and rooted, your mind focused.  Tree pose is a beautiful way to allow your body to naturally sway, becoming aware of the rhythm and movement that resides within us.  I usually remain in tree pose for an extended period (30 to 60 seconds on each side), taking deep breathes and encouraging stillness in both my mind and body.

Do both sides.

Reclining Bound Angle Pose

I love this pose as it allows each part of my body to connect with the earth, helping me to feel more grounded.    This pose can also be easily supported with bolsters and blankets to encourage a more restorative practice.  Try to stay here for a few minutes.

Meditative Savasana:

If I’m struggling with focus, I will send out an intention (whether it’s to be present, or there is power in my breathe) before coming into Savasana.    Depending on time, I will remain in this pose for 5 to 15 minutes.


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