Ten Life Lessons from My Feline Companions

Empress Polly Rae and the Mercurial Pepe Miguel are my twin muses. They sit beside me all day while I work, often walking across my keyboard hfi96tw83j6 to make content suggestions and hfi96tw83j6 editorial revisions. (Pausing now to ask Polly Rae to hold further revisions until after the first draft is complete. I cannot promise she will concur.)

In addition to lending me support and encouragement in my work, they are also a source of great wisdom for living. I offer these ten life lessons I’ve gleaned from observing them over the years.

1) Be flexible.

The ability of these beautiful animals to stretch, move, and leap about gracefully reminds me that a lithe spine is a thing of beauty. So is a flexible mind.

2) Sleep when you’re tired.

Cats know the importance of good quality sleep. They are masters of the art of napping, because they get a lot of practice.

3) Don’t be afraid to demand ask for what you want.    

Pepe and his sister are not in the least bit circumspect about getting what they need or want. They think nothing of standing on top of us at 4:00 a.m., pawing at our faces and making their demands known. These usually involve one or more of the following: a) Pet me. b) Chase me. c) Refresh my water bowl. d) Clean my facilities. e) Remember that fresh tuna you gave me a few nights ago? I’ll have another serving. No, not later, now. Get up.

4) Engage in play whenever you feel like it.

If cats worked, they definitely wouldn’t be workaholics. They take play time seriously.

5) Enjoy your family and friends.

Cats love to hang. Literally and figuratively.

6. Stay clean.

Cats are seriously devoted to their personal ablutions. Fastidious, clean, and well-groomed, they take pride in maintaining a dignified personal appearance. They insist on privacy when performing these ablutions; interruptions are met with ironic expressions. “Thanks for picking me up in the middle of my bath. Now I have to start over.”

7. Embrace self-determination.

Cats enjoy the company of humans, but are above demeaning themselves by fawning over them or seeking their approval. They have a strong sense of self and enjoy their independence. Their motto is, Civility, yes; servility, no.

8. Indulge your curiosity in the wider world.

Whoever first said, “Curiosity killed the cat” knew nothing about them. They are curious, and their devotion to free inquiry cannot be quenched. They also temper their fearless curiosity by taking the proper precautions; they’re survivors.

9. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Cats are intrepid explorers. Never content to get stuck in a rut, they are constantly evolving, discovering new and exciting things to get into. Like sock drawers, laundry baskets, etc., etc.

10. Find rituals that work for you and stick with them.

While maintaining a healthy skepticism about “received wisdom” and tradition, they are highly creative in fashioning their own rituals to enhance and enrich their lives. Pepe never tires of being brushed in his box, and Polly assumes my raison d’etre is to chase her throughout the house. And of course she’s quite right.

(We’re Polly Rae and Pepe Miguel, and we approved this message.)



Copyright © 2012 by William K. Ferro, All rights reserved

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