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In 1927 a remarkable gentleman by the name of Edwin John Dingle founded an institution light years ahead of its time – the Institute of Mentalphysics.  The goal of this institute was to spread to western culture method’s brought out of Tibet and other parts of the East to heal the body, prevent illness, balance the mind, and bring unity with spirit to conscious light.  Few copies of his work are still available today, but years ago I was fortunate enough to receive the entire ‘training course’ based on ancient Tibetan practices in original 1930’s copy…

A body healing meditation

This week’s article is a little different; below is a transcript to a wonderful short meditation written by Ding Le Mei (Edwin’s spiritual name from Tibet) roughly eighty years ago – and at the bottom, I have included an mp3 recording you may download and use at your convenience.  I am just slowly working my way into a voice-over career, and I need the practice!  Please enjoy this spine and body healing Light meditation, and I hope the music chosen contributes to your few moments for yourself:

Sit and relax!

Sit in a comfortable position, with your back straight, and not resting on the support of the chair.  Place your feet flat on the floor in such a position that your knees form a ninety degree angle, feet together as in Tadasana, hands turned palms up and resting on the knees.  Touch your index finger and thumb together lightly, allow your remaining fingers to gently stretch themselves straight…close your eyes, breathe comfortably and easily…

Imagine a great light hovering at the top of your head…The top of your head is heavy and relaxed, your forehead becomes relaxed, your eyes are heavy and relaxed…The muscles of your face grow soft, there is no pressure on your teeth…your jaw drops gently as it too relaxes.  Your arms and hands are very heavy, and you are comfortable and warm…and happy.  You feel joy and happiness throughout every particle of your body, but especially your face.  Your face is bathed in the warmth of your own inner smile…You feel a gentle outwards pressure from within, taking all the little wrinkles of worry, trouble, fear, doubt…you feel this radiant happiness all over and through your being.

The light at the top of your head now begins to slowly move down your seated form, relaxing, healing, all the way to your toes, and then slowly back up your body until the light comes to rest at the back of your neck.  Allow yourself to become the light, and imagine you are now looking down hovering over your spine.  It appears that you are seeing a great sparkling waterfall of energy with sunshine dancing upon it.  You can see the countless tiny specks of iridescent light and you are aware that your entire body is filled with this light…

You have the realization that every cell, every atom, every particle in your body is a light, a lamp, a torch – bringing you to the light of Divine Wisdom that is within you.  Your spine becomes young again and fully flexible as particles of light cascade down your back…you feel every cell of your body rejuvenating, remembering its divine origin, and you are at peace.

Allow the feeling of youthful joy and happiness to radiate outwards from every facet of your being…content…loved…and at peace.  Take a deep slow breathe, hold it for a moment, and then exhale…Take a second slow deep breath in and breathe out as you open your eyes.  Find the nearest mirror, smile at your-self, and let yourself know that you love all of yourself, exactly the way you are…divine, joyful, and at peace.

This four minute meditation can be performed any time you require, but I recommend starting your day with it as soon as you are awake in the morning.  Over time, you will develop what the Tibetan Buddhists call “your inner smile.”  This is a state of awareness that ultimately, everything that needs to be is exactly as it should be, including you.  The choice to accept joy and happiness as a fundamental part of your being instead of seeing it as a result of anything external is in your hands.

Download body healing meditation

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