The Eight Spiritual Laws of Yoga – Part Two

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In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a
clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive
resolves itself into crystal clearness.
—Mahatma Gandhi

Spiritual Yoga Law Five

The fifth spiritual law of Yoga – the law of giving and receiving – states that all of nature operates through the principle of energy exchange.  Everything around us and within us is in a state of dynamic interaction and exchange with everything else.  As hard as it may be to swallow, there is not a single part of you that remains the same at any time.  Life is the flow and interaction of all the forces that make up what we call reality.

When we do not remain open to the fifth spiritual law of Yoga, we form a blockage in an otherwise natural system of harmonious exchange with our physical environment.  This blockage of Life’s natural energies causes stagnation in our own life, as well as those we interact with.  In following the law of giving and receiving, the intent should always be to create peace and happiness for the receiver – in that way we become a consciously active part in supporting Life and sustaining the flow of energy of which we are a part of.

Spiritual Yoga Law Six

The sixth spiritual law of Yoga is known as the Law of Intention.  Our whole existence is lived out in a vast quantum field of energy being affected upon by consciousness.  That which we desire or intend becomes our physical reality.  In order to manifest what we intend all we need to do is alter our energy and information at a personal level.  This then radiates out into the quantum field of our environment and begins to interact and manifest.  By giving attention to our intention, we can focus the intent and breathe life into it on a daily basis.

Spiritual Yoga Law Seven

The Law of Detachment; or the seventh spiritual lay of Yoga, states that in order to achieve your intentions and desires, you must be willing to remain detached from it.  This doesn’t mean you have to give up the intention to fulfill your honest desires, you just stop worrying about the when and the where or how component of it.

Our attachments to physical objects are only based on one of two things:  fear or insecurity.  According to the principles of Yoga, true security only exists in embracing the unknown or the realm of pure potential – where anything may be manifested.  By embracing the uncertainty of Life instead of trying to control it, we are able to experience the excitement and beauty of our existence.

Practicing the last Three Laws

As with the first four laws, I have assigned the remaining three to days of the week as well, in a sample order I find works very well.  As everyone has different environments and stressors during the days of the week, please feel free to rearrange the days and laws of Yoga as you see fit.

Thursday – Spiritual Yoga Law Six –

Be clear in your intentions and desires.  Take the time to sit down and think about what your intentions are, why you are doing so (or wish to), and what it is you desire.  Keep a journal where you can write down and give attention to those things you wish to see manifested in your life.  At the same time you are becoming clear in your desires and reasoning, practice letting go of the outcome.  Using your Yoga session to actively release the outcome to the universe is an excellent way to develop non-attachment.  Lastly, develop an attitude of trust in Creation – if things do not materialize as you wish, you must have faith that the Creative Essence of Life knows our true heart’s desires often better than we do…(a little bit more on this later!)

Friday – Spiritual Yoga Law Five –

In giving we receive, and in receiving we give.  During your Yoga practice, maintain awareness on the breath and how effortlessly this exchange of air happens with the environment when we are centered and attentive during our routine.  Throughout the day, we can come back to awareness of this exchange whenever we feel stressed or tense by returning our awareness to our breath and allowing the negative energy to move out of us.

Take a few moments every day to create a sense of gratitude for all the wonderful gifts that have flowed into and out of your life.  Take some time to consider the many gifts that make so much possible in your life that you hardly notice…The gift of hot water, a dishwasher, a dryer, garbage pick-up service…there is an endless list of things we can be grateful for.  Joyous gratitude works to boost the power of our own field of energy and our environment, but it only functions when coupled with Saturday’s practice…

Saturday – Spiritual Yoga Law Seven –

If you are fortunate enough to work Monday to Friday and have the weekends off, Saturday is a perfect day to practice non-attachment towards all those gifts in your life, as well as detachment from the outcome of your intentions and desires during the week.  Practicing non-attachment does not mean we do not respect and cherish the gifts we are given; it is an acknowledgement that as with all things, it too will one day pass.  Detachments from intentions and non-attachment to the physical are essential in allowing exactly what we need at the time to be made manifest in our lives.

Cultivate open-eyed curiosity towards all of life and your interactions.  Child-like innocence and fearless curiosity towards the uncertainties of life quickly builds a well-spring of tranquility and acceptance from within – leaving you calm and still in the storm of daily life.  Take a few minutes to contemplate one of the gifts you have received, and whether you have unintentionally held on to it longer than was necessary.  See yourself letting it go, and then allow curious anticipation to arise at the prospect of what may fill its place.

Oh yeah…law number eight!

Spiritual Law of Yoga number eight is Trust…and it should be practiced every day.  If you have a faith, have faith in your faith. Trust that we are all here for some reason, that we are all valuable pieces of a much bigger picture.  Trust that when things are appearing to go wrong – that is all it is…appearance. Trust that in the natural ebb and flow of energy in and out of our own energy systems – we receive many things and give many in return.  Most of all…trust in your Self!

We practice Yoga because we have faith and trust that we are bettering ourselves on a complete and holistic level, and then we begin to see results…Life works the same way.  Trust that the Creative Essence of Life wants the best for you in the same complete and holistic way – then sit back and enjoy the adventure.

Namaste…my friends.

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