The Jewel at the Heart of the Lotus

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A new humanity is striving to be born; one where we live in direct unmediated contact with the Divine, free from the divisions and bias towards transcendence that disfigure our inherited patriarchal religions.  We can then inhabit our Earth and our bodies with ecstatic consciousness and a passionate sense of responsibility towards all living things through the realization that everything is connected.  This is our path, and as the breeze blows all leaves gently towards their destination, so are we likewise wafted along…

I concluded last week with a promise to talk about some of the reasons we have become so far removed from our innate spiritual nature.  Some of you may look at these reasons and think of a hundred more, never mind the more obvious pressures of modern society, our fanaticism with gadgets, etc…at its core, however, religion, charlatans, and of course, fear at a loss of control are at the forefront.


One of the greatest failures of all major religions in the West is the failure to properly instruct their followers in their essential, undeniable divine nature.  Each of the recognized major religions in similar ways seeks to control believers by laying claim to brokering the relationship between the believer and the Creator, both subtle and overt, preventing the believer from full realization of his or her divine heritage and innate power.  The Creator is placed somewhere (i.e. heaven) and without strict adherence to the rules you will go to somewhere the Creator is not (i.e. hell).

Gurus (and no, not All are bad by any means)

The guru system, or mystical transmission system, also removes power from the seeker at a very fine level.  The worship of any person as divine can seem to be a means to realize your own individual divinity and transcendence, but in most cases (if not all) it simply re-creates ancient dependence patterns of giving one’s own power to another.  Unfortunately for those honestly seeking a return to the divine, it is very clear that most if not all of these so-called gurus claiming enlightenment, and therefore beyond the criticism of the average man, are nothing of the sort.

These imposters use a tiny piece of knowledge, mystical language and warped sacred truths to further their own accumulation of wealth and power – necessary to maintain an audience, or so they say.

Peaceful Warriors

We as a species need a new type of army of peaceful servant-warriors…Active mystics and practical visionaries who will work in every major field and in every vocation to help transform our world and our modes of thought.  If we as a species cannot manage a large-scale rising of human consciousness in the very near future on a scale that influences all environmental and political decisions, we will be destroyed by our own folly.  The future of the entire human race depends on whether we can reclaim our divine heritage and act from it to preserve this fragile jewel of a planet from the effects of our separatist and parasitic nature.

Christ tried to get this point across two thousand years ago; Christ’s real teachings were not about worshipping him as the son of God, it was an attempt to pass on to humanity the truth of God’s Creation.  Christ attempted to empower all of humanity through the realization of an intimate, direct and totally transformational relationship with Creator, a relationship that is the birthright of all humanity.

Every ancient Shamanic culture believed the same undeniable truth – all beings, by virtue of being born into the physical world, are entitled to this direct relationship with the Creator.  Elaborate rituals were developed for all of life’s stages from a person’s birth to their physical death.  Buddha’s own dying words were an admonition to all of humanity:  “Go and work out your own salvation with diligence.”


The reason most religions have hidden or completely banished the truth that we are all capable of being in unmediated contact with the Divine lies in the loss of power and control that such a large-scale realization would bring.  The inevitable conclusion that all people are meant to be equal in society would threaten the foundation of most current religions and societal belief patterns – a thought too terrible to imagine for those in power, even at the eventual expense of humanity itself.

I may have hit a few of you a little below the belt with some of this today, but I would ask that you give it some serious thought.  Do not confuse unmediated contact with the Divine as prayer, and do not hesitate to comment if you have questions.  Perhaps next week we will leap off the path and cover off prayer and its convergences in Yoga and other practices!

Namaste…and happy summer!


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