The Power of Imagination

hardie_2012_27Toddlers and Preschoolers are full of energy, creativity, passion and love.   Every moment of their lives is inspiring: they embrace everything from the way the sun dances on the leaves to the small speck on the ground.   Naturally, this type of energy often takes them on their own journey.   They want to be able to explore, inspect and love everything in their own time and in their own way.   As young children, we are not governed by the rules and boundaries that we adults put on ourselves.   Young children listen to their bodies and emotions. They know how to embrace the moment and be present.

Instructing a mom and toddler class is an extremely interesting and satisfying journey.   Toddlers and Preschoolers are natural yogis.  As amazing as yoga is for adults, it is even more incredible when you are able to share that joy with your child.

Yoga can help your child:

  • Relax and get a better night’s sleep
  • Engage their naturally creative mind
  • Create new experiences: building their growing brains and minds
  • Recognize and Embrace their Emotions
  • Build Flexibility
  • Increase Strength and Body Awareness
  • Develop Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Strengthen the loving connections that surround them

I have started this journey of instructing with my two little co teachers (my two preschoolers).  I began this week with puppets, pom poms and lots of music in tow.  I had taken the time to write out a plan (similar to how I would instruct an adult class), excited, I walked into the class with my two little helpers.

Eagerly they both danced around the room, peering out of the beautiful windows anticipating the arrival of the other children.  My son did a health and safety inspection, walking around the room and checking for specks on the floor.  My daughter proudly exclaimed that this was “a magnificent stage.”   And then the yoga began.  And suddenly I remembered how magical sharing this powerful gift of yoga really is.  But what was even more magical was the gift that the children gave back to us.

My carefully etched out plan was tossed away, as the children expressed their interest in wanting to be princesses and pirates.  And so the room was transformed with the imagination of children.  Savasana became sleeping beauty’s sleep,  Ariel (the Little Mermaid) helped us twist from side to side,  and we laughed as we all became Captain Hook’s alligator stretching our body and chopping from side to side.

It was such a powerful reminder of how important it is to embrace the moment.  The children listened to their bodies and held their poses only as long as they wanted.  Poses that were uncomfortable they avoided. There was no pressure to copy what the other children were doing, they simply embraced who they were.


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