The Power of Visualization

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As of late, my Grave’s disease symptoms have returned with a vengeance and I’ve been feeling quite sick. I’ve learned through my yoga practice that the power of visualization can be vital to my body’s ability to heal. Now, I’ll admit to being a little skeptical about this. With the number of health problems I’ve had in my life, I tend to be quite trusting of the medical system, but remain cognizant of the fact that I am my best advocate for my own wellness. This means that when a doctor tells me I need a certain test or a medication, I’ll be at the pharmacy the next day to see if it can at all help to ease my symptoms. I’ve also tried many natural wellness routes including energy healers, naturopathic medicine and of course, yoga.

So when my massage therapist again encouraged me to try visualization, I realized that I am someone who is so open to a variety of different medical practices, so why not this? She told me to picture my actual thyroid organ during my meditation, I decided to give it a try, even though I’ve discussed how difficult I find meditation to be. However, since my massage therapy treatment, I’m finding it easier and easier to slip into a meditative state. Fresh with a variety of different documentation on the subject, I headed home to a quiet space to give it a go. If you would like to read more on the subject, check this link.

I sat on the bed, flat on my back (this ol’ knee injury makes sitting cross-legged a little tricky) and concentrated on my breath until I was no longer thinking about anything. Oh, wait…I’m am meant to be focusing on the pesky little butterfly-shaped organ of mine. I brought my hand up to my neck, pictured the thyroid that envelops my throat and pictures the tumour on it getting smaller. I pictured myself, symptom-free, easily walking down the street without a hot flash that nearly knocks me on my feet. I pictured my heart rate slowing to a healthier pace and most of all, I pictured a healthy immune system, which right now, my body seems to be specifically lacking.

So did I wake up this morning with my thyroid shrunken and my symptoms gone? No, it’s not quite that easy. Like anything worthwhile, visualization is a slow process, just like the healing process. But at this rate, I feel like anything I can do to help things along, I’m ready and willing. Visualization might not be for everyone, but for me, I tend to think that there’s nothing wrong with a positive attitude. If anything, it makes you a whole lot nicer to be around.


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