The Yoga of the Sun – Part Two

The Friday before last I introduced you to a technique that has become known as the HRM method.  In the first part, we covered a brief look at the technique as well as some of the plausible scientific reasons it may work as indicated.  In this second and final part of the article, we will visit the practice and its effects during months three through six and months six through nine, as well as the simple year long secondary practice.  Thank you to our readers who made comments on the first part of the article, I certainly hope to see more!

Month three

By the time you have reached the end of month three, any signs of depression or mental difficulties will have gradually disappeared.  A steadiness of thought and character will emerge, allowing you to face life’s events with a more positive attitude – you will be able to accept that those things in our lives that appear to be obstacles are nothing more than illusion.  This ‘freedom of mind’ will have its own profound effects on your health, even before your practice reaches maturity.   During month’s three to six, things become more interesting still…

Month’s three to six

Next, physical ailments will begin to disappear, including disease and other forms of illness once thought life-threatening.  A very large portion of our energy synthesized from food sources is taken by the brain and is used to fuel tension and constant worries.  With a lack of tension and a calmness of mind as a result of the initial three months of sun gazing, the brain does not require the same amount as energy it used to expend on meaningless and often self-harming thoughts and activity.  As you continue the sun gazing practice, your need for food will gradually decrease, and you will notice a pleasant ‘full’ feeling at times when you would normally be quite hungry.

According to many holistic medical systems, once you have absorbed a sufficient amount of sunlight (between four and five months), all the colors of the sun will have begun to have their impact on the internal organs.  Each organ has a corresponding color on which it is dependent for color prana, which forms the basis for most color therapy techniques both scientific and traditional.  This color prana is able to address any deficiencies and return organs to a properly functioning state and is regulated by the brain.  I have included a brief table below indicating the major organs and their color relationship – please note – there may be differences based upon which system you subscribe to or practice.

Colour Associated organs/tissues/glands
Violet Pineal gland, cerebral cortex, right eye, upper brain functions, central nervous system
Indigo Pituitary gland, left eye, sinus, nose, ears
Blue Throat, thyroid, parathyroid, lings, mouth
Green Heart, circulatory system, arms, hands
Yellow Solar plexus, stomach, nervous system, gall bladder, pancreas
Orange Reproductive organs, genitals, gonads, prostate, uterus, spleen
Red Base of spine, adrenals, kidneys, bladder, colon, legs, spinal column, blood

Within six months, you will start to utilize the sun itself as a form of micro food.  By the end of the seventh to eighth month, your hunger levels will begin to disappear completely and your need for food intake decreases dramatically.  An important advantage in this is the body will not be taxed by processing food to retrieve energy as well as dealing with the toxins produced in the digestion process and contained in many of our not so natural food sources.  It is important to keep in mind that the body does not actually require food, per se; the body requires energy which it derives from food through an energy intensive exercise we call digestion.

Higher energy

By the end of the ninth month, hunger disappears forever.  All non-physical mechanisms associated with food consumption and hunger also disappear.  Your energy levels will remain at a higher level than you have ever experienced while using food for energy.  After nine months or when you have reached the maximum of forty four minutes of steadily gazing at the early morning or evening sun, there is no need to continue the sun gazing portion of the exercise.

At this point the secondary practice begins and follows daily for a period of one year at a minimum:  Walk barefoot on bare ground (beach, forest, grass, dirt – but not concrete or other manmade surfaces) for a period of forty five minutes.  Relax, enjoy the walking daily without fail and you will find that food continues to be unnecessary for you.  At the end of one year, a few minutes of sunlight falling on you every three to four days will be sufficient from then on to sustain you and provide you with abundant energy.

On a personal note, I am just completing my second week of the HRM sun gazing practice combined with focused thought on healing and receiving energy from the sun.  I will keep you all informed as progress continues.  As a brief reminder, I have condensed the practice down to a few lines below…

The practice (again)

1.  Gaze steadily at the sun for ten seconds at either sunrise or near sunset.  Add ten seconds per day until you reach a total of forty-four minutes (roughly nine months).

2.  Once you have reached forty-four minutes, walk barefoot on the earth for forty-five minutes daily for a one year period without fail.

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Joy and peace to you this long weekend, enjoy the sun!


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