Thread the Needle Pose

Thread the needle pose is a great way to open the shoulders and upper back. It also involves a slight twist which helps to detoxify and calm. It is a simple and gentle posture but one that I really enjoy.

Include Thread the Needle as part of a warmup series for a longer practice. It’s also nice right before bed, especially if you have spent the day working at a computer!


2 responses to “Thread the Needle Pose”

  1. Jill Reeves Avatar
    Jill Reeves


    I like your pre warm up and then the arm lifting to the ceiling for variety. I sometimes offer the arm to extend out like Child’s Pose and then you can slide your leg up on the floor out to the side, leg extended. Need the space to do this in the classroom, however!

  2. charlotte bradley Avatar
    charlotte bradley

    Oh that’s a nice variation Jill! Just tried it. Feels really good ….a bit deeper

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