Time Out of Time

Sharing Your Creative Vision with the World

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had the experience of becoming fully absorbed in some creative project, of getting “in the zone” and experiencing a burst of creative energy that seemed to take you out of time. Hours may have flown by while you were in this state, but you were completely unaware of their passage. Afterwards, perhaps you looked at the result of your creative “time out of time” and asked yourself, “Where in the world did that come from?” What’s going on here?

I think one answer may lie in the view that the creative energy that seized you for a time came from within, but not merely from within. Upon reflection, you may see that while it availed itself of your inner resources, its genesis was actually something outside of you: a vast, mysterious, unlimited Source. Depending on your background, you may see that source as the collective unconscious, the Divine, a higher power, The Higher Self, or God. Whatever label you give it, what will likely be clear to you is that you were helped along by a vast and benign wellspring of creativity beyond yourself. And it should be equally clear that the experience wasn’t meant for you alone; it was meant to be shared with the wider world.

Imagine how much poorer our world would be if creative geniuses like J .S. Bach, the Buddha, and Michelangelo had kept their work to themselves. We would have no Mass in B Minor, no Dhammapada, no David. You may object to any comparison of these luminaries to yourself, insisting that your humble efforts are no match for those of such world-class geniuses. But regardless of your native gifts and talent, you do have a mandate to share the results of your creativity with those in your sphere of influence. What you may see as humble—even insignificant—work may have a deep and lasting impact on countless others. Who knows; history may even prove you wrong in your estimation of your gifts!

Whether your creativity takes the form of music, art, writing, yoga instruction, or something else, the importance of putting it out there for others to enjoy can hardly be overemphasized. Share your creative vision with us; the world will be a much richer, more rewarding place if you do!



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