A Fantasy Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin WilliamsRobin Williams was a seemingly unstoppable force of nature; one is tempted to say supernature in his case. He seems to have been an open conduit for a thousand voices and another thousand personalities.

Conduits trafficked that heavily have a way of giving out under the load.

It seems that genius often consumes its weight in mental stability. How can we know the insistence, the seductiveness, the irresistibility of the inner voices that drive an individual to self-destruction? Highly unusual individuals such as Vincent Van Gogh and Robin Williams? Perhaps genius–such a rare phenomonon in Homo Sapiens–takes more than most humans can give at this phase of our evolution. It certainly leaves a great many casualties in its wake.

Last night, I indulged a fantasy in which Robin Williams–now incorporeal-and I had a brief, face-to-face encounter. Unbidden, he looked me in the eye and spoke like an ancient oracle:

“Seek out the company of an animal, of a child. Do it today if you can. Bask in the radiance of that unique energy. You’ll sense your spirit enlarging itself. In that pure state, you’ll shine for a brief moment with the dazzling brilliance of a supernova, and it will be enough.”

Thank you, Robin. You were a great artist and a great human being.

Image from twicsy.com

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