Two Relics

Leaf on branchAutumn’s Essence

Sit beside a flowing stream,
Breathe deep the scented air.
Acknowledge those who’ve come before,
And those who’ll yet appear.

The leaves are changing, falling now,
So beautiful in death.
And I, like them, shall fall to earth
To give new life its breath.

The air is chilled and autumn’s essence
Carries on the breeze
I sit in contemplation here
Beneath cathedral trees.

Folded Relics

I have a box that overflows
With precious scraps of paper.
Torn and folded relics of our love.

I dare not look inside it,
For so fragile is my joy…
That by the sweetest memory,
It may be shattered.


Copyright © 2013 by William K. Ferro, All rights reserved

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