My View on Optimism

A guest post from my son, Charlie. I loved what he wrote for his journal. Seemed pretty wise. So I asked if I could post it on my blog. He said yes, for five dollars! Fair enough.

My Two Special Optimists
My Two Favourite Optimists


Optimism, what is it really?

Depends on how you look at it. From my perspective, it’s the light in darkness, the happy in sadness, the generosity in the prison of greed within everyone that breathes, that lives. It’s accepting and not denying.

Every day is a new page in the thing we call life. What is life? Things as small as whether you are optimistic or pessimistic can make such a big difference. We are here to push the world forwards, not pull it backwards.


Charlie is a grade five student and has a love-hate relationship with school/prison. In his spare time, he likes to play minecraft with his brother and friends, go to karate, read, bake and surprise his mom with science experiments in the fridge.

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