Voga: Fusion of Yoga and Voguing

Madonna - Vogue

Get out your legwarmers, scrunchies and leopard print: it’s time to voga!  A dynamic combination of yoga and voguing, this new fitness trend is taking London by storm.

Developed by  Juliet Murrell,  set designer and certified yoga instructor, London, England, voga was inspired by her vision to create an energetic style of yoga.

The class is designed for individuals who enjoy the benefits of yoga but are also seeking a cardio workout.  Murrell believes that there is a natural connection between the alignment in yoga and the angular movements in traditional vogueing.   The dance craze vogue originally was developed in the Harlem ballroom scene in the 1980s.  The modern dance was inspired by traditional model movements and is known for its very angular arm and leg movements.   Madonna popularized this dance movement with her hit song, Vogue in 1990.

Fully inspired by this movement, Juliet each 80’s inspired song in her classes has a particular sequence which merges traditional yoga with voguing inspired movement.   The class itself is set to a collection of 80’s tunes including Madonna herself, and combines traditional postures like warrior and downward dog, with the empowering movements of voguing.

Class participants are encouraged to wear either traditional yoga garb or spice it up with some fun 80’s workout gear.    In her classes Murrel encourages participants to “focus on their breath, listen to the beat and express themselves.” The workouts are meant to be empowering (encouraging participants to be creative with the movements) while still focusing on the traditional benefits that yoga offers.    To add another fun dimension to the class, Murrell often hosts her yoga sessions  in 80 inspired venues with djs.

After watching the initial you tube video, I had to admit that I’m inspired.  The movements are fun and creative, and I can’t stop humming Madonna in my head.   I can’t wait for this fitness trend to come to North America.


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