Wake up to Spring


It has been a very long winter, but the sun is finally shining.  For some of you the grass is peeking through the winter blanket and their may be even a few flowers blooming. Spring is finally, here.   Winter is a time for holding things in; in a sense both our mind and bodies have been hibernating).  This winter was particularly long, and so now as the warm air is beckoning you may feel a release both emotional and physically.  Our bodies and minds are aching for activity.  In addition, we yearn to cleanse, it’s not coincidental that the term is “spring cleaning”).  Last week, I encouraged you to leap into spring preparing both your homes and your body. This week, I wanted to provide you with a spring routine that will help waken up your bodies and release the tension (both emotional and physical) that you may be holding in .  Enjoy.

1) Fire Log Pose: Let’s start today’s practice in fire log pose.  Fire log pose is a wonderful hip opener, while also releasing excess tension in your groin.   While in the pose, take in some deep breaths (breath in for 5, breath out for five),  while gradually try to work your breathing up to a count in ten. Breathe in that wonderful oxygen.

2) Reach your arms forward, into a small seated forward bend.  Give your spine a beautiful stretch. Continue to breath.

3)With your arms on the ground, gently move into table top position, and prepare for our first cat/cow poses.

4) Cat/cow pose: This pose combination is fantastic for your core and spine.  Allow your body to become fluid, flowing back and forth between the two poses.

5) Downward Dog: Push up into downward dog.  Be playful in this position.  Move your feet up and down (often called walking your dog), make small circles with your hips.  Enjoy moving your entire body. If you would like, try lifting one leg up  and then the other. Pay attention to how your body feels in this position.

6) Move into our mountain pose (Tadasana) and prepare for your first Sun Salutation.  I would encourage you to try at least 3 sun salutations in a row.  However, for those of you that are feeling practically sluggish, do more.

7) From the last child’s pose, gently move onto your knees into Camel pose. This heart opener is both energizing and will revitalize your body.  Take your time in this pose and be conscious of how your neck and spine are feeling, only move as far as your body will allow you.  It is now time for your body to begin to rest. Move into a prone position.

8) Reclining twists:  Twists are perhaps my favourite poses in spring.  Our bodies are in desperate need to release the tensions, and feel once again refreshed and energized. Enjoy this pose on both side before relaxing in the final posture Savasana.

9) Savasana: Relax in this resting pose and allow all of the beautiful movement to integrate into your body.


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