When Did You Decide to Begin Your Yoga Practice – And Why?

Where are you at in your journey with yoga? Do you practice regularly- on the beach – and look incredibly tranquil and beautiful and . . . long? Or are you a little more like me- starting again to try to create space in your life for a yoga practice?

I’ve tried to implement yoga into my routine in the past and have never kept up with it for more than a few days. The strange thing is I couldn’t figure out why it turned out that way. I enjoyed the poses and felt great while I did them and after I was finished. I was able to do far more than I thought I would be able to without feeling like a complete idiot. I loved the way yoga made my body feel longer and leaner from the very first time I did it.

So why didn’t I follow through? Mindset.

Like every thing we do in our lives, committing to a yoga practice requires the appropriate mindset. For me, that doesn’t mean just buying a mat and those really cool yoga pants.It doesn’t mean I need to figure out how to incorporate the word “Namaste” into my everyday language or committing to eating wheat germ and hummus.  For me, the right yoga mindset had to begin from the basic place of “Yes, I CAN do yoga. Yes, yoga IS for someone like me.”

I am in my mid-40s – 46 to be precise. I have had a lot of health issues in the past decade or so. Most of these have been brought on by the fact that I have never made taking care of myself a priority. I’ve spent my adult life raising my two daughters on my own, choosing some less-than-successful relationships and working too many hours trying to keep the bills paid. There just never seemed to be enough time, energy, money or focus left at the end of the day to take care of myself. In fact, because I was stressed out and not keeping wellness as a priority, I generally made choices that worked against my well-being and health rather than in favor of it. Fast food, eating on the run, zoning out to the television and feeling “too tired to exercise” all contributed to too much weight, not enough energy and an overall sense of not liking my body very much.

If that part of the story sounds familiar to you at all, then I hope this next part sounds like a journey you are willing to take with me. Join me here twice a week and together we will make the changes in our lives we’ve been longing to make. We’ll talk about what it’s like to begin a yoga practice when you’re not exactly young and bendable as well as how to begin adding some meditation and mental wellness activities into our daily routines.We’ll share our struggles and our successes- and a whole lot of laughter. If we do it together, we’ll do it for life!

I’d love to hear from you as you tackle your own yoga beginnings. Leave a comment below and let me know your struggles, successes and stories. We’ll learn to do this together- and this trip is going to be an adventure!

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2 thoughts on “When Did You Decide to Begin Your Yoga Practice – And Why?”

  1. Thanks for opening the discussion— sorry I’m joining so late!

    My yoga journey began nearly 12 years ago, following the birth of child 1 (I now have 2). A difficult pregnancy prevented me from maintaining my usual exercise regime, and I was looking to ease into something slowly.

    When my mom lent me her VHS box set of Yoga Journal’s “Yoga Practice Series,” I became hooked immediately. I liked the convenience of not having to leave the house to workout, plus it felt great. But what I really loved was my newfound sense of calm, which was particularly important as I struggled to manage the “blessed avalanche” that is sometimes new motherhood.

    Yoga helps me not only physically, but also helps me to maintain a healthy perspective, and screen out the petty distractions of a “monkey mind.”

  2. Charlotte Bradley

    I think a lot of people find yoga when they are injured or for some reason can’t participate in their usual physical activities. It was similar for me – knee injury. I returned to karate too soon after the birth of my twins and although my mind totally craved it, my body was not ready! But like you, I found so much more and now the physical benefits are only one part of it for me.

    Heh heh!!! “Blessed avalance” – what a perfect descriptor for life with kids – especially the first couple of years! Thank goodness for yoga 😉

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