Where three of more are gathered in my name…

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It occurred to me as I looked back in the archives of Charlotte’s wonderful website that I have been writing for www.yogaflavoredlife.com since the fall of 2009.  Time flies when you are having fun!  Looking back in my personal journals, I can see remnants of events in our world from then forward; the catastrophes, the triumphs of the human spirit, atrocities, miracles, and how this motivates me.  It also occurred to me that I never really told any of you why I write, and in order to do that I’m first going to have to make a few honest confessions…

First of all, writing is bit of a copout.  As a writer, I get to say (within the bounds of reason, I guess) pretty much whatever I want with no real fear of reprisal.  Let me tell you, if I could have written a note to the school bully instead of having to meet him face to face way back in grade five, I’d probably still have my own front teeth!  That isn’t to say that I do not take writing very seriously, because I do.  The words we write when read by others can harm or help; be used for good or bad – and I prefer the good…and never try to cause harm with words.

Second, writing for me is a constant state of self-confession:  Placing my thoughts and opinions out into the world as seeds, rarely knowing what effect if any they will have, but trusting as does the tree or dandelion that given the right conditions, some seeds will germinate and grow.  Again, a bit of a copout…no need for a priest and a confessional booth, for I have the faceless masses upon which I may slip in with subtlety my weaknesses and failings.

Where is this going?

I guess that really is the point.  I am only human, subject to the same ‘banging around in the dark blindfolded’ that we are all capable of, and am by no means an enlightened being…yet!  Why do I write?  I write because I feel that as a species, we have yet to grasp what being human really means, or perhaps we lost it a long time ago (more likely), and need to get it back.  I write to make up for the ignorance of my past – the times I knew better, yet chose for whatever reasons at the time the darker path instead of the light.  I write because I feel all our questions have already been answered by the sages, yogis and holy men and women from our collective forgotten past; and in my vanity I choose to try to bring this knowledge into today’s context…in this case, believe it or not – numerology, and the number three.

I am there with you…

Christ’s ends His famous sentence with the above, but are we to take the account literally?  As with much of the bible, you may miss the deeper truths if you cannot see past the literal interpretations.  Don’t worry, I would not even attempt to give a Bible lesson…What we are going to talk about is this mysterious ‘power of three,’ and how to apply this power in your daily existence.

Depending on which of the over fourteen hundred English translations of the Bible you read, the actual line said by Christ goes something like this:  “Where three or more gather in My name, I am in their midst.”  This line became part of the underlying foundation for Christianity as a whole – meeting in numbers to worship and engage in fellowship.  For the majority of Christians, this accepted literal meaning is where this ends, but the intrinsic ‘power of three’ predates Christ by thousands of years, and because it is a natural law of the Universe, it is available to anyone at anytime – regardless of intent or belief.  As a matter of fact, you use it all the time, most often unconsciously or with minimal awareness.

It is only a number

I have unfortunately met many numerologists who were fixated on the number itself, not what the number represents. Our entire Universe dances to an infinite number of equations we use to express what is occurring – but make no mistake – it is only a number.  A number is a symbol much like any other symbol, although perhaps less obvious than a cross, in example.  Before we delve a little deeper into this seemingly magical number, a few examples of its occurrences in our history as well as in modern day:

  • Perhaps the most obvious in the Western world; The Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
  • Mathematically, the first three numbers in basic equation synthesize all others.
  • Humankind’s three-fold nature; body, mind, and Spirit
  • The Three Treasures of Tibet
  • God has three ‘spatial’ attributes: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence
  • Thought, word, and deed – the sum of all human actions
  • Three kingdoms; animal, vegetable, mineral

I could fill pages, but I believe the point is made.  The number three is a symbol of completeness, as the above examples illustrate.  I like to think of the number three as a recipe in Life’s cookbook:  Anything we wish to manifest, deal with, or want – good or bad – follows this sacred recipe.

The sacred recipe…

As I briefly mentioned earlier on, you already use the power that the number three represents all the time:  The issue is whether you are aware of it, and once aware, how you go about determining the ‘three ingredients’ you need to manifest your wishes.  This sacred recipe is as I said a natural law in the universe, and governs all our manifestations in our physical world.  Why do we often fail to manifest our desires?  There are only three reasons (yes, three again) why this happens…

One, we forget a part of the recipe and only focus on one or two of the three components.  Two, our wishes are not pure and, just like a regular food recipe; if we put one bad ingredient in it can spoil the whole thing.  Three, we fail to watch our ‘cooking time’ for our recipe and end up with something half-baked, or burnt beyond comprehension. (The real reason I eat mostly whole uncooked foods!)  In order to get our recipe right and manifest that which we wish, we must pay attention to the three ingredients, time, and why we want or desire the particular outcome in question.

The ingredients

Let’s say for example that I wish to go to Mexico for a week-long holiday in the fall.  This thought appears one day, usually out of the blue or perhaps part of a conversation with someone else.  If the thought comes and goes with no attention (the mixing bowl), I would fail to start the recipe for Mexico at all, and the thought will simply evaporate into the constant stream of thoughts presenting themselves in my mind.  If, however, I pay attention to the thought and explore it more deeply until I become focused on making it happen, it becomes the first ingredient.  Therefore, the first ingredient in any ‘wish recipe’ is nothing more than the thought itself, captured in the light of our awareness and held up to that light daily.

Once I have deposited the first ingredient into the mixing bowl of constant awareness, I need the second ingredient.  The second ingredient is my own actions.  Do the physical actions I take in my day to day existence support my first ingredient, or take away from it?  My actions are able to provide the ‘mixing’ in the mixing bowl, provided they support and are in line with my first ingredient – the thought, focused daily through constant awareness.

The last ingredient is what I like to call ‘baking time.’  You see, the universe is our oven in which we are able to make whatever we wish, and although we are able to put the first two ingredients together ourselves and perform the right actions to mix our recipe appropriately (in this case my hypothetical desire to go to Mexico in the fall), but we must put our faith in the universe that it knows better than we do what the cooking time is going to be before our recipe is fully baked.

A watched pot never boils…

If we have patience and faith in ourselves and the universe, and continue to hold the thought of what we wish in constant awareness while performing actions that support that thought, all we have to do is wait for the timer to sound signifying our desire is about to be manifested.  In the case of my desire to go to Mexico in the fall, it may be that the baking time is not long enough, and the oven of the universe won’t have my recipe baked until spring.  The trick to the third ingredient (cooking time) is to put aside our expectations as to when it should be ready, and trust that our ‘oven’ knows exactly how long it will take.

Remove our dish from the oven too soon (removing one of the two ingredients – focused awareness or our actions in line with our desire) and we have a half-baked dish.  Allow the oven buzzer to sound and fail to remove our dish from the oven, and it gets over-cooked and it either doesn’t taste the same, or we have to throw it out altogether.

I am no Betty Crocker

Manifesting the desires we have and what we think we want can be no easy task, even though the recipe is quite simple.  As I keep repeating, we already unconsciously use this recipe over and over again, with varying success.  I am not Betty Crocker, and sometimes my life-dishes come out half-baked, burnt to a crisp, or not at all what I had imagined.  Rather than blame our lives, God (or whatever name you choose to use), or those around us, we have to realize that we are the baker of our own life’s cooking. No one, no-thing is responsible for a dish’s failure to come to readiness except ourselves.  The next time something in your life fails to turn out as you had wished, or you feel you have not been given that which you desire in your life, examine the events in the light of the power of three and the recipe for completion it represents.

The “more…”

Yes, but Christ said “three or more.”  So how does this fit into the mysterious power of three?  The more are our friends, family, and supporters who help us hold the thought firmly in our awareness, and assist in actions that are targeted towards our goals.  In the case of my fictitious September trip to Mexico we used as an example, this could be a friend who rather than hire a painter, offers me the opportunity to earn some extra money first.  Sometimes it is as simple as an acquaintance that openly supports our focused thought and desire with love and positivity.

Even when we feel we are all alone and perhaps even hide our true desire from those we know, there is always an “or more.”  As a mother or father wishes only the best for their child, so too does The Creator wish the best for us as Its children.  Have faith that in following this universal recipe, those things we truly want (often represented shallowly as material items), and focus unwavering attention upon are already in the oven and will be cooked just right when the ideal time comes.

Namaste, my friends…

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