Into the Wild


Release your better self into the wild,
And let it thrive, its craving all but gone.
Feel your spirit melding with the dawn,
Return now to the wonder of a child.

Retreat behind the floating soundcloud’s cover;
You have a debt you’re eager to repay.
But within this transcendental shelter,
You can put it off another day.

Craving was the salient proposition
To one soul’s experience of pain.
Walking in a warm and gentle rain,
He reassessed his basic disposition.

Numinous, the genesis of healing,
Mindfulness determ’ning every move.
Undiscovered hinterlands of feeling,
Certainty you have but cannot prove.

Healing’s a community expression;
Your suffering is mine, as mine is yours.
Entertain no guilty introspection;
Your wholeness is what we are longing for.

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