Yoga For Kids!

Okay, I admit that it seems weird that I’ve recently written a post on yoga for dogs, and then the yoga for kids post follows after. But hey, we write what we know and I’m a dog owner and not yet a parent! Anyways, we all know how great yoga is for adults but the possibilities for children are endless, helping them develop their minds and their bodies. Instructors are generally required to receive extra training in order to teach to tots, but the rewards are endless. I found a few great resources for yoga for children which can be found here:

After cruising a few websites, I learned that the benefits for children are much the same for adults. They will find increased energy, awareness, and understanding of themselves. However, a vital component of children’s yoga is the aspect of giving kids an outlet for both their energy and their emotions, as it can often be difficult to express their feelings with words when they haven’t yet developed the tools in order to do so. Teachers are also encouraged to bring yoga into the classroom (with training of course), as it helps students focus and is a great method of exercise, allowing kids to channel their boundless exertions into more worthwhile ventures.

These kinds of programs would be such a great idea of they could only be implemented in schools across North America, however, when lacking that, there is always the chance of an after school program; an excellent opportunity to have your children expand their bodies and their minds. Check out the internet for options in your area, or contact a local instructor that you trust and ask if they have any suggestions. And in a world where children are under increasing pressure to perform, attend school, do mounds of homework, then carry on with schedules more busy than their parents, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing children burn out at such young ages.

As someone who hopes to be a parent someday, I think that the greatest gift we can give our children is knowledge and coping mechanisms for life, when conflict, both internal and external, arises, which inevitably, it will. I genuinely feel that yoga can do that for both adults and adults-in-training.


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