Downloadable Yoga Stick Figures

Simple & Beautiful, Ready-to-Use Yoga Pose Drawings

Do you need to …?

Create Notes

 I need to create “notes” that I can easily follow when practicing or teaching a class

Illustrate Poses

I want to illustrate yoga postures but I am not an artist

Create Handouts

I would like to create fun, useful, educational materials for my students

Get Inspired

I would love to get inspired when creating sequences

Get Organized

I need a way to organize and save my favorite yoga sequences

Learn Pose Names

I am trying to learn the names of yoga poses in English and Sanskrit

Half Moon Pose

Easily create illustrated yoga sequences

What if you could easily create yoga sequences to use as teaching aids? Would having a ready-made set of yoga stick figures help you learn the pose names? How cool would it be to have a simple way to make fun handouts for your students? Would having your sequences saved and organized help your teaching?

This set of yoga drawings is for you.

Download 108 yoga stick figures (like the ones featured on this page) to create your home practices and class plans. Print out your plan to take to your mat as a guide.

Downloadable Yoga Stick Figures Will Help you to:

1. Create

Use the yoga pose images (high-quality jpeg files) to create a great visual representation of your yoga sequence with your favorite software package (such as Microsoft Word).

2. Practice and Teach

Take your printed yoga sequence with you to your mat and use it to guide your practice or teaching.

3. Get Organized

Afterward, you can easily make any changes to your pose flow and save it for use again. Use the drawings to document yoga sequences, save them on your computer, and print them out. No need to re-create each posture drawing or each sequence the next time you need it. Build a library of your own!

4. Learn

As you create sequences with the posture drawings and use them to practice your yoga flows, you will begin to recognize the poses and their Sanskrit names.

You may even wish to laminate a set for use as flashcards to learn Sanskrit and English posture names. The visual cue of the pose illustration plus the pose name written below, is a great way to learn posture names.

Use the yoga posture drawings to create handouts and learning materials for your students.

The Story Behind 108 Yoga Stick Figures

When I was in yoga teacher training, I was looking for a way to create reference notes that I could use to follow along as I taught my practicum classes. I tried using written notes and found it was just too difficult to keep track of where I was.

My instructor suggested yoga stick figures and for the next class I taught, I created a series of drawings that illustrated my class plan.

With a series of pose images in front of me, it was easy to see at a glance where I was and what was coming next!

It worked so well that I wanted a set of poses that I could use over and over again. I worked with artist Alex McVey to create a set of beautifully illustrated gesture drawings that capture the essence of 108 yoga postures.

Here’s What You Will Get

Three sets of 108 original posture drawings created in quill pen and rendered in high quality Jpeg format:

  • Set 1: All 108 yoga posture drawings by themselves (no text).
  • Set 2: All 108 yoga posture drawings with the Sanskrit name of the pose written below.
  • Set 3: All 108 yoga posture drawings with both the Sanskrit and English names written below.

A total of 324 high-resolution digital image files!


  • Four ready-to-print documents with all of the stick figures (in pdf format) that you can use  for reference or to laminate to make a posture learning deck
  • Four ready-to-print vinyasas (in pdf format), including three Sun Salutations and a Moon Salutation

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In Case You’re Curious … Why 108 Poses?

The number 108 has spiritual significance across many different cultures and is considered a sacred number in yoga. Malas (meditation beads) have 108 beads plus a guru bead. Yogis sometimes do 108 sun salutations to honor something special (such as the spring equinox). So in honor of our home yoga practice and gratitude for the privilege of teaching, 108 yoga drawings it is!

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