Yoga Resolutions for All

It’s almost the start of 2013 and with every new year comes a new set of resolutions, that if we’re all going to be honest, often get broken. It’s often a time of year that we set unrealistic expectations of ourselves, as though the new year will bring a completely new self. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of setting goals for yourself and striving to meet them, but often, the pressure we place on ourselves completely negates the benefits of setting resolutions.

2012 has admittedly been a tricky year for me, mostly in the health department. And often, it would be easy to just sit on the couch and wallow in self-pity and pain. I’ve certainly allowed myself those days. But on the advice of my aunt, who also suffers with Graves and Fibromyalgia, keeping fit and maintaining an exercise regime are the only things that will help to ease the pain. Now, more than ever, I need my yoga practice to keep my healthy in the future.

So this year, I’ve decided to commit myself, more than ever, to my yoga routine. And I will give myself permission to miss a few days, when my body just can’t make it happen. But I want to make a promise to myself that I will deepen my practice, continue to explore meditation and try a new retreat this year, in order to help me reach new levels that I might not be able to reach on my own. Those are the three yoga resolutions I’m going to make and hopefully, will help me to heal myself when the medical system can’t do anything for me.

So, readers, I wonder if you will make any resolutions for yourself in 2013? Will you commit to your practice? Will you commit to making time for yourself, despite all of the madness that life brings? Will you commit to giving yourself a break, whenever it is needed?

Look after yourselves in 2013 and hopefully, it leads to a long, healthy life well into the future.


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