Yoga Trends

The practice of yoga is thousands of years old.  It originated in India and has spread throughout the world.  Many styles of yoga incorporate different poses, principles, meditations and life-style components.  It is estimated that within the United States, over 18 million people already practice yoga.  That number grows every day.  With such a large increase in yoga participation, yoga will become even more diverse than ever over the next several years.  Meghan McDonough, of Mindful Marketing, has projected growth trends for yoga over the coming year.

Upcoming Growth Areas
In order to attract the attention of yoga practitioners in a market flooded with options, yoga teachers and studios will need to be increasingly innovative, without sacrificing basic yoga principles.  To gain notice for a new style of yoga, a teacher must be able to communicate what is different, new or better about the additional style. In terms of new areas of participation, China will be a large area for growth in yoga participation.

Yoga Becomes More Accessible
The rise of the internet, and in particular, YouTube, has made yoga information more accessible to everyone.  That will continue to grow, and people will be able to receive on-demand yoga instruction via the internet.  They will be able to learn new poses and communicate with the broad world-wide yoga community.

Yoga will continue to move beyond the studio arena, and be practiced in more, and more unexpected locations.  Offices, schools, parks, and other areas will hold yoga classes, or become sites for spontaneous yoga gatherings.

Yoga is Part of the Larger Green Movement

For years, many have been trying, in vain, to capture the attention of lawmakers, policymakers, and the mass consumer network to focus on green and eco-friendly living.  Yoga principles are closely tied to principles of the “Green Movement,” and thus yoga imagery will become a larger part of marketing and advertising.  Yoga is also an integral part of holistic health practices, and will continue to grow in popularity as people embrace wellness programs

Yoga Research and Development
Some yoga poses are as old as the practice of yoga, but new poses are being created all of the time.  The future of yoga will bring more intense training for yoga instructors, beyond the level of training available now.  There will also likely be more peer-reviewed research studies about the health benefits of yoga and impact of yoga on individuals and groups.

Yoga is an ancient practice that continues to grow and change, adding new elements, while embracing tradition.

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