You Won’t Feel Like a Beluga Whale Doing Yoga HERE!

One of the things I love about yoga is you can practice it in a variety of ways. You can create an at-home yoga routine of your favorite poses and sequences, drop in a yoga DVD and follow along or join a local group at a gym, wellness center or community education facility. While yoga is truly a solitary process, participating in a class offers you the chance to perfect your techniques, learn some new ones and meet like-minded people.
One thing that must be present for any effective yoga session is a serene environment that allows you to relax completely. The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA offers a whole new concept of a relaxing, serene environment for your yoga routine.

Some of the top yoga instructors from the Atlanta area have partnered together for "Be Well Atlanta" program. "Be Well Atlanta" is a community wide effort to bring wellness opportunities to both adults and children in the Atlanta area. The Georgia Aquarium is pleased to join this effort by offering the Oceans Ballroom at the Aquarium for classes. The Oceans Ballroom offers views of thousands of sea animals including sharks, beluga whales and the only manta ray in the United States.

It’s easy to imagine how being surrounded by water and incredible sea life could enhance your yoga experience. Seeing the beauty of some of the most powerful creatures of the world gliding gracefully and silently through the endless gallons of water is a perfect analogy of the combination of strength and peacefulness yoga can bring to your life.

Finding creative ways to incorporate your yoga routine allows you to tap into its restorative benefits more often. If your only experience with yoga is your personal class at the gym and you travel out of town, you aren’t likely to find a way to fit your routine into your day. If you’ve experimented with different locations and situations, you’re much more likely to keep up with your practice. As you get more comfortable with moving through your postures in different environments, you’ll soon find a new kind of freedom. Imagine the power of this kind of self-confidence! I’ve always wanted to be one those gorgeous skinny chicks that stand on the beach in front of the ocean gracefully flowing through some awesome yoga routine. I admit, I’m not quite ready for that (and really, neither is anyone else on said beach!) but if I lived in Atlanta, you wouldn’t have to ask me twice to join the class at the aquarium. After all, doing yoga with a creature that actually IS the size of a beluga whale is BOUND to make anyone feel thin and sleek!

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