How do I unzip the files?
The image packages are compressed to make for a smaller download. In most operating systems, you can just click on the zip file and it will automatically open up and put all the the files within a folder.

How do I create sequences with the images?
In Microsoft Word, I like to use tables. Insert one image into each table cell. Use one of these pre-made templates. Have a look at this tutorial for more help.

I can’t cut and paste the images.
Make sure you are using the individual jpeg files, not the pdf files.

Can I use the drawings to create and print handouts for my classes?
Yes! Please do 🙂

How do I know which pose is which?
The jpeg files are named by pose. For example, virabhadrasana-1.jpg is the file name for the pose Virabhadrasasa 1.

Is there a list of all the poses?
Print out the pose index sheet as a reference.

Do you have …… pose?
I am always looking for suggestions for future drawings. Please let me know if you have requests!

Can I use the yoga stick figures on my iPad?
There is no really easy way to create sequences with the drawings on your iPad. I recommend using your computer to create your own sequences with a program such as MS Word. However, you can view the finished doc or pdf file on your iPad.


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