A Divine Dental Experience

Imagine this: you walk into a waiting room, a warm fireplace is roaring and a hint of vanilla wafts through the room. As you sit down, you are provided the option of an herbal tea, lemon infused water or juice. Slowly you sip the beverage, as you flip through a magazine and observe the other individuals sitting in their chairs. Stress seems to evaporate as each person immerses themselves in the spa experience: silently reflecting and relaxing.

Your name is called and you are guided into the next room, a leather lounge chair awaits you which will gently massage your back. As you enjoy the mini back massage, an aesthetician works your sore hands, massaging them with soothing lavender scented cream and then places them in paraffin wax. In the background, Bach is playing his latest symphony, and you are asked if you would prefer a different station or perhaps a DVD to observe. Completely relaxed, you respond that the music is fine and you immerse yourself in the different sensations. It is now time to open your mouth as the dental hygienist begins her routine cleaning.

Sounds like a fantasy? Until last week I would have agreed with you, however this is the exact experience I had at my last dental cleaning.

Relieving Dental Anxiety:

Anxiety about attending the dentist is a fairly common fear. According to a Harvard Medical Study  one of the main tips to reduce anxiety is to create a relaxing environment. Deep breathing exercises, music and discussing the procedure were three simple methods that are recommended to reduce dental anxieties. The dental spa industry has adopted this principle by eliminating some of the anxiety inducing triggers, such as harsh lighting, strong smells and loud noises.

Pranayma: our internal relaxation tool

As students of yoga we are continually developing a key relaxation tool: Pranayama breathing.

Pranayama Breathing:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves Digestion
  • Helps with Concentration and Focus
  • Relieves toxins

The practice of yoga already supplies us with the knowledge and skills to assist us with relaxing in anxiety inducing circumstance: breathing. Breathing is our life force and is neglected in our busy life style. However practicing Pranayama, our yogic breathing will help relax and relieve anxiety in all of our personal stressful experiences.

Dental Spas: A mini escape for caregivers

In addition to reducing anxiety, dental spas also feeds to our crazy multi tasking lifestyles. As I discussed with Nancy the owner with Dental Serenity  in Barrie, “ her mission is to reduce the stress of going to the dentist and also provide the options for busy moms to take some time for themselves.” She provides inexpensive services to both adults and children, so that healthy teeth and gums are always at a top priority. In addition, caregivers have the option of having a spa service while their child receives their dental treatment.

Not all dental spas are inexpensive, like our typical spa environments, there is a full range of treatments, facilities and the costs associated with them. Before selecting your dentist or dental spa, ask lots of questions, find out their educational background and their philosophy. Selecting a dentist is a personal experience, and you need to find a match that fits with you. Dental spas are a fantastic option for those individuals who are unable to relax in a normal dental atmosphere. If you are unable to find a dental spa that suits your needs and income, practice your Pranayama breathing. With this well honed skill, you are able to alter any dental experience into your own dental spa.


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