Canadian yoga creations – Ice Cream…yes I said Ice Cream!

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect yoga clothing that makes me feel both capable and yet comfortable. Obviously, clothing with stretch is the key, since we want to be able to move into each pose without the restriction of inflexible cotton. Doing yoga nude is always an option, but if your neighbours are as close as Matthew McConaughey’s, and you happen to have windows, then this isn’t always the most advisable thing on the planet. And so clothing with stretch and Lycra is often the best solution. They wick sweat, they move with the body, and they look great!

I really love to support Canadian companies that make great products, and Lululemon Athletica seems to have become the standard for women all across the country, Vancouver especially, since it originated there. And I’m no different. I have what I’m sure is an entire year’s salary worth of Lululemon clothing in my closet and I’m a huge fan of it. But I’m always looking for other products out there that help fill that need for the perfect stretch. That’s how I came across Ice Cream, a fitness/yoga clothing line from Montreal.

This is an incredibly innovative company, where all the products are manufactured in Canada. When I checked out prices, I wasn’t surprised to find that the prices were similar to Lululemon clothing. However, the Ice Cream products come in a range of amazing colours and fabrics, and can be customized to fit you, FOR FREE! That’s right. I said free. If you have an extra long torso and need a couple extra inches there, consider it done. Long legs? Then you get longer pants without any added cost. They also have an awesome 100% return policy. All across Canada, shipping is just $8. Already, my interest was piqued. If you aren’t happy with your order, they even pay return shipping fees.

I was immediately drawn to the Tunic selection, which gracefully covers hips and trouble areas that I prefer not to show off when bent into downward dog. And for each product selection, you choose the item, then the fabric and then the fit! Perfect. Love it. Each item is custom made to your exact measurements. It was all simple and easy to order with a 100% guarantee that if unsatisfied, I can mail it back, although I can’t see that happening. All this was done from the comfort of my living room.

All this to say, Ice Cream is an amazing company with amazing products and best of all, they’re fabulously Canadian! Their selection of cool fabrics will have you standing out from the crowd.


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