Communicate with your Spirit: Develop your 5th Chakra

Each room in my home has some form of blue in it, the walls in my kitchen, the cushions in my living room, even the table cloth on my dining room table is a brilliant shade of indigo. So why am I detailing my decorative tastes to you? Because I’m starting to wonder if my obsession with the colour blue was a subconscious desire to balance my 5th Chakra : our communication Chakra.
Can you Clearly Communicate your ideas?

When we are able to clearly express our ideas, thoughts and creativity: our 5th chakra is balanced. However, this fluid form of expressing can feel far from natural. Some signs of under-stimulation of this chakra are shyness, being unable to clearly express your thoughts and an extreme pre-occupation of what others will think resulting in you failing to communicate your ideas.

Does your 5th Chakra need some balancing?

  • Are you able to clearly express your ideas and thoughts to others?
  • If you were handed a microphone would you know what to say or do?
  • Do you recognize your own need to communicate and try to fulfill this need?
  • Are you developing your verbal communication?

Are you Listening or Simply Hearing?

Another quick check point to see if your 5th chakra is balanced is to evaluate your listening skills. Expressing yourself is only a part of the communication chakra. To truly be effective in communication you need to be an active listener. When you are in a conversation are you listening to what the other person is saying or are you simply waiting for a pause so you can articulate your next point? Listening is more than hearing. Anyone can hear, but to truly listen you need to absorb the entire message; both the verbal and nonverbal actions of other person.Some signs of overstimulation of this chakra are bossiness, aggressive speech patterns, cutting into conversations and egoism. If your communication chakra is over-stimulated you will find that truly listening to someone else is extremely challenging.

Balancing your 5th Chakra

Since your 5th chakra is your communication chakra: the balancing techniques for this chakra are focused on enhancing your communication skills. Singing, chanting, reciting poetry and any of the activities where you are using your voice are perfect ways to balance this chakra if it is under-stimulated.

If you find that your chakra is over-stimulated: focus on developing your listening skills. The next time that you’re in a room: listen to all of the various sounds that can be heard. Listen to the car going by the road, the sound of your breath, the buzzing of the refrigerator, the hum of your heater. Allow yourself to be absorbed by the multitude of sounds around you and reflect on what you’ve heard in a listening journal.

Yoga Poses to help open the Throat (5th) Chakra

Surrounding yourself with the soothing colour of blue is also a technique that is said to help open up this 5th chakra. Even a simple nature walk, where you take the time to listen and silently observe will help create balance.
The trick to ensuring continual balance for this chakra: is to constantly work on these skills. Developing strong communication skills will reduce stress, enhance your relationships and open up the door to creativity. Try to take a moment each day to develop your communication chakra and embrace the discovery of your voice.

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