EFT as Part of a Wellness Lifestyle

I mentioned on another post that I wanted to introduce you to some of the things I am using to create a wellness lifestyle. One thing making a real difference for me is EFT- or Emotional Freedom Technique. I’ve heard about EFT for a long time, but I didn’t try it for myself until just a couple weeks ago. WOW- I’ll tell you this much: I wish I had discovered this a long time ago!

Emotional Freedom Technique creates effects similar to acupuncture- only it works on your feelings and THERE ARE NO NEEDLES!!!! Instead, you tap with our fingers on meridian points on the body. Meridian points were established over 5,000 years ago and are pathways in the body that carry both positive and negative energy throughout the body. They are part of the way the different parts of the body communicates with each other. Albert Einstein taught us all, in the 1920s, that everything is composed of energy- and that includes our bodies. There are 500 established meridian points across the body. These are the same points that used in acupuncture. However, in EFT, we concentrate primarily on only nine of these points, all located on the upper part of the body.

EFT is a way to take the emotional charge off feelings that keep you stuck in your "stuff" and prevent you from moving forward in your life. It works by stating the feelings you want to release and then tapping on the various points while you talk to yourself about the issue. It sounds very simplistic, I know, and it is easy to do- but I’m here to tell you- it works! I have been completely amazed at the results I am seeing in just a couple of short weeks!

EFT was created by Gary Craig. You can download a free manual teaching the technique from his website at http://www.emofree.com/. This site is jam packed full of information about EFT and it’s a great place to begin understanding more of how it works. I recommend checking it out and downloading the free manual. However, if you really want to start seeing some positive effects from EFT right away, I will let you in on a little secret.

Michele Price at http://successwitheft.com/ is an amazing EFT and Law of Attraction coach. Michele does both individual and group sessions training people in how to do EFT easily and successfully. You can find her on her site, on Twitter (@prosperitygal) Facebook and on Blog Talk Radio. Michele is one of those people you just can’t wait to hear from. She is upbeat and filled with energy and spreads her special brand of abundance and prosperity in every single encounter you have with her. She has an extremely intuitive nature, which allows her to really tap into the deep root feelings that are creating blocks and constraints in your life. She also has a fab sense of humor, which makes working with her a delight! In a single session with Michele- my first EFT session of my life- she helped me release a major issue which has increased my productivity in my business in a huge way!

I’ll let you in one another little secret about Michele: follow her on Twitter and listen to her on the radio. She is incredibly generous about offering opportunities for a free one-on-one session of her coaching. Once you work with Michele one time, you will absolutely be hooked. Plus, when you do a session, she gives you a download so you can listen to it whenever you’d like and go through the tapping sequence with her.

If you’re ready to take a risk and try something new in the world of wellness, I wholeheartedly encourage you to check out EFT- and go find Michele Price and start soaking up her generosity and wisdom!

See ya’ next time!

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