Healing Holistically

Me after my knee surgery in 2010

It would be the understatement of the century for me to say that I am a bit of a doctor connoisseur. In the last eight years, you name it, I’ve seen it. And this is due either to my knee injury or as of late, my Grave’s disease. So in the last few years, I’ve met varying types of doctors and specialists; general practitioners, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, pain specialists, endocrinologists, radiologists and orthopedic surgeons. And in that range of doctors, I’ve met the ones who were filled with compassion and the ones that should have left their medical licenses at the front door or in the hands of a monkey. And when I leave the latter variety, I’m often left thinking, “Why would you get into the business of healing if you don’t care about the patient?”

My Grave’s Disease was diagnosed in a rather strange way. I found myself sleeping through my alarm over several months, my heart raced while I lay in bed, and I felt such extreme exhaustion that it was nearly inexplicable. I complained to my doctor several times but since I always appeared upbeat and otherwise healthy, no investigative work was done until months later, I refused to leave the office until someone took some blood and completed some lab work. I should say that I’ve been quite lucky during my time in the military, as we have excellent, and free, medical care. So with my recent medical release from the forces, I was worried about where my medical treatment would pick up, especially considering I was in the middle of coping with my Grave’s disease. So as I left the military release office, I realized that now that I have a choice, I want a different kind of medical treatment, in which my diagnoses extended beyond my typical symptoms and instead, looked at my body and its potential to heal as a whole. I found that in the Bridge Health Clinic.

The Bridge Health Clinic, located in Vancouver, BC, was recommended to me by Georgina (lovingly called Georgie by most) Durcan, who is the reiki master, intuitive healer and wellness coach at the clinic. I had the pleasure of being introduced to the wonderful Mrs. Durcan by a friend of mine and we’ve become fast friends who bonded instantly. So when she heard about my health problems, she told me that I simply must come to the clinic and meet Divi.

Dr. Divi Chandra, an MD and medical intuitive, spearheaded the fantastic Bridge Health that uses both eastern and western medicines, approaching healing holistically, vice just treating symptoms without investigating the root cause of illnesses. They also run monthly seminars, dedicated to teaching patients to be active participants in their own health plans, and helping people to realize that our stress levels and other daily routines can contribute greatly to our wellness. There’s even a re-connective healer, empowerment coach and hypnotherapist on staff. Just what I need!

I made my first appointment and…okay, that’s a lie right there. I didn’t even make my appointment…they called ME! And to make it even more exciting, they called me and said, “Would you like to come in tomorrow or the next day to meet the doctor?” What? Really?!? My mom just booked her annual physical with her doctor and couldn’t get in until January. Seriously. These people must be Gods. So when I finally met Dr. Chandra (who was gloriously on time, by the way), I was stunned by the compassion and care with which she handled my case. After explaining my medical history, she reached out, touched my arm and said, “Wow! So you’ve been through a lot!” Isn’t that just nice to hear? To have someone acknowledge that life is tough sometimes and that hey, you’ve done alright in surviving it? I nearly reached across the room and hugged her.

Just last week, a friend of mine complained that she was worried something was wrong with her medically, but her doctor brushed her off and refused to pursue it. My response was almost automatic. “Go see the Bridge Health Clinic.” I rattled off the address and phone number and my friend walked away excited to get some answers and to get to the bottom of just “not feeling quite right.”

So although it may seem like it is, this post isn’t in whole a pitch of the Bridge Health Clinic, but rather, a push for readers to approach their health in a way that goes beyond what we can see in the mirror. Any person can overcome their maladies for an evening and come across happy and well, but soon, symptoms will get the better of us and find different ways to manifest themselves. And personally, I know that my stress level has contributed greatly to the way my symptoms have presented themselves, a sure sign that I need to delve a bit deeper into my yoga and meditation practices.

So don’t take no for an answer. Approach your doctor about alternative healing methods and how they might work with your current medical practice, or for that matter, how they may contradict your current plan. Take control of your own health. It’s your body, after all.


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