Holiday Gifts for That Special Yogi- Part 2

So, let the yogi gift giving guide continue!

1. A souped-up mat

Okay, so presumably, most yogi’s already have a mat. But, it is possible that I’ve found my most favourite mat ever in Lululemon’s The Mat, designed to stay grippy even in the sweatiest of conditions. The Mat is designed to absorb sweat while still being antimicrobial and is also about double the thickness of conventional comparisons, making it the Rolls Royce of yoga mats, especially for those whose joints demand some extra squish. I will warn, it’s on the heavy side to lug around, but totally worth it.

2. Yoga/Meditation books

I wouldn’t know where to begin if I were to outline my favourite yoga and mediation books, and I have reviewed a few for yogaflavoredlife. What I will say is that we can always use to expand our minds and our knowledge when it comes to our yoga and meditation practices and often we have some quiet time to ourselves around the holidays. Use that time wisely!

3. Yoga studio memberships or class packages

What better gift than the gift of yoga taught by well-trained instructors who will guide you into relaxation? And let’s be honest, the cost of classes can add up and sometimes, we can’t always afford the luxury. So being able to stroll into a class without worrying about cost can be almost as relaxing as the practice itself.

4. A retreat

Okay, this would be the gift for the yogi you really love, since they usually don’t come cheap. But if money is an issue, look for workshops that are just a day in length and are closer to home. But for something super luxurious, check into retreats that can last up to a week, some of them even in exotic locations that come with the added benefit of a vacation-like atmosphere. Better yet, buy yourself a ticket too and deepen your practices together.

Well, that rounds up my yogi holiday gift giving guide. Happy holidays to all, and remember to take time for yourselves and your practice.


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