Manipura: Harnessing your Personal Power

I love the name of the third Chakra: Manipura: Our Personal Power. The third Chakra’s element is fire: when you place too little wood on a fire or it rains, it will burn out. On the other hand, if you add too much wood, it can get out of control. When you balance your Manipura, you will learn the exact amount of wood (strength and personal power) that you will need to value your opinions and stay motivated.

Society Challenges Manipura

This Chakra is constantly challenged by our home life, work, and society in general. How many times do we feel powerless ? This seems to happen more often when we take on too much, and we feel like we are losing control. Whenever we struggle with voicing our opinions: our manipura has been weakened. When we question ourselves, our intuitions and our personal strength: our third Chakra is suffering. We are lacking the necessary fire (self-esteem) to recognize our own values and beauty.

On the other hand there are times where we can take on too much personal power . This usually happens when we get so wrapped into an idea, concept or argument that we fail to recognize the strength and value of other’s ideas and energies.

You may find that at times, you have gotten into this rut. Have you ever been in a job where you feel that if you have to complete all tasks to ensure that it is done right? Have you ever been accused of being insensitive or intolerant? Have you ever become so passionate about an idea that you fail to consider the opinions of others?

Sometimes when we have too much fire, we fail to recognize the strength of others. However, sharing our ideas, tasks and thoughts, we often create larger successes.

As you can see, it is very simple for this Chakra to become out of balance. By balancing the Manipura Chakra we will develop an equitable approach to others and recognize the beauty of moderation in both or thought and action. According to Alan Finger,  in his book Chakra Yoga

Benefits of Balancing the Third Chakra:

  • Properly proportioned sense of self
  • Ability to influence/change ones surrounding environment
  • Strong digestive system

Core stability How to Balance Manipura:

Begin and end your session by focusing on your breath. Bring your personal power, through your breath, to the core of your body. Both Pranyama breathing and the Fire Breath are excellent techniques to focus on this Chakra. The beauty of this exercise: is that you can use the breathing techniques whenever you feel overwhelmed, indecisive, or lacking self-esteem. Harness the power of the breath to empower your own personal power.

Remember Manipura’s energy centre is in your core, so poses that strengthen your core will also help you to balance Chakra.

Some Additional Poses are:

Dolphin Plank Pose

Extended Triangle Pose (Uttahita Trikonasan)

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

As I’m nearing the reality of motherhood, I’m noticing that my personal power is feeling weakened. My energy fades faster and the amount of unknowns is overwhelming. Working on the third Chakra: developing my personal power, will also help me approach the idea of labour and how to obtain some control in this challenging life event. If you choose to work on this Chakra this week, think of your own personal challenges and how balancing Manipura will help you overcome them.

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