Symbiation – The Final Chapter

Symbiation as a meditation practice

Hello and welcome to the final chapter of Symbiation.  My sincerest hope is that at a minimum, you will begin to see sacred geometry around you as a convenient reminder that all things are part of and contained within the Creative Essence of God itself.  Given my dream, I would see the world coming awake around me as more and more people became flooded with the knowing that they were God individualized, spreading like a tidal wave of love and healing across our precious world.

This is not the ‘right path,’ it is only one of thousands of paths towards awakening ourselves to what we are.  I offer my respect and blessings to all paths followed in all belief systems and philosophies, where union and a return to our source flow as a common silver thread that ultimately binds us all together…

Quick review:

Symbiation is so successful in awakening you to a deeper state of spiritual awareness because the information enters directly through your optic nerve and into your subconscious mind.  The Universal Truths and keys contained within the symbols to unlock your genetic race memories and awaken Spiritual Truth are transmitted via the most efficient method known to man; Light.

This transmission of thousands of years of collective energy through Light allows Symbiation to bypass your conscious mind completely.  With visual stimuli to help hold attention and nothing further to engage the conscious mind, practice is exceedingly simple:

The practice

Step One – Find a comfortable place to sit alone in any position you are able, as long as your spine is straight.  If sitting is difficult due to health or posture issues, this meditation may be performed lying down as well – again, as long as the spine is straight.  If possible, dim the room lights slightly to reduce eyestrain.  Be careful not to dim the lights too much, this will cause even more eyestrain than having the room a little brighter than hoped for.   Please keep in mind that Step One is only an example of a more ideal environment and not a requirement.  Symbiation will still work well – although not quite as quickly – in any environment, as long as you are given the time without direct interruption.

Step Two – Place a drawing or printed symbol just under eye level in a position where you can look at the symbol with no strain or soreness.  It is not recommended to hold the symbol by hand as you will shake perceptibly, detracting from your practice.  If you choose to lie down, you will need to be creative as holding the symbol while lying on your back will result in blood draining from your arm and causing numbness.

Step Three – Look at each symbol without wavering your eyes (blinking is okay) for a minimum of five minutes.  Depending on your time constraints, you may only have time for three to four symbols – choose any that seem to speak to you, there is no order or need to complete all the symbols in a single sitting.  If there is only time for one symbol each day, I suggest you begin with the Flower of Life.

Final Step – Repeat your Symbiation practice daily, fitting the time in when you can.  As your awareness grows and distant race memories begin to manifest themselves, your practice will grow naturally and without effort.

To focus…or not

Ideally, learning to focus your mind to a degree will enhance the process of Symbiation and its effects within you subconsciously and on your conscious existence.  It must be pointed out that this also is not a necessary component to Symbiation; it will work nearly as well without this focus.  In fact, the use of a visual symbol is ideally suited for Western culture; we tend to ‘quiet down’ in our minds when engaged in visual stimulus.  This relates to the primary reason most forms of ancient meditation do not have the profound effects hoped for – not to say they are more than valid and do have measurable results to be sure, but humanity has changed.

Regrettably, the average modern adult is far less aware of the workings of Nature and the biological world than the average man or woman was in Egypt thirty-five hundred years ago.  The weather is a prime example of how some aspects of technology are facilitating separation from us and our environment, as watching the news will prove.  We look to sophisticated technologies to monitor weather by satellite, making computer-based projections…when the ‘less advanced human’ would simply allow nature to show us the answer.


This disconnection which has grown to global proportions with each other and our environment requires techniques in meditation somewhat the opposite of ancient thinking and their modern offspring.  Instead of seeing the five senses as enemies to be defeated on the path to enlightenment, we need to understand that our sense of sight is actually an ally in our awakening spiritual awareness.

Symbiation will work even when the mind wanders, as long as you remain effortlessly focused with your eyes on the symbol you are meditating on.  There is no reason to worry if your attention falters, smile, and draw your attention within your mind back to the symbol you are gazing at.  If you would rather daydream at first, you will still benefit from Symbiation and make noticeable progress.

Last words

One final suggestion:  The brief notes on past meaning and current understandings are only meant to serve as guideposts to provide a point of reference for your Symbiation practice.  As covered earlier, words are a poor second to the power and abilities symbols possess – do not become attached to them.  The nature of Symbiation will manifest much more information than any number of written words will ever amount to.  What’s more, you will ‘feel’ this information welling from within you and have the opportunity to know Truth.

Namaste, my friends…

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