The Power in your Voice

July 7 2009 Extravaganza - Prediction = True

Yesterday, I attended a flow class and I was completely enthralled with the instructor’s voice.   For 90 minutes, the instructor weaved her words together seamlessly describing the postures, breath and benefits.   There was absolutely no need to see the instructor as her voice walked you through everything. The asanas flowed quickly from one to the other but there wasn’t a moment did the instructor sound rushed, frazzled or even stumble on her words.

At the end of the class, my thoughts turned inwards and I reflected about my own communication style.  Recently I’ve found my thoughts often leap on top of one another and struggle to get out.  Sometimes, things come out muddled and other times I miss a vital piece.   There are other moments where my emotions take control and the impact of my words becomes lost.   It seems that my fifth chakra desperately needs to be worked on.

The fifth chakra, Visuddha is our Throat Chakra: It is the source for communication before internal and external.  Closely linked to the thyroid, throat and our breath, it is strengthened by others.   Pay close attention to the impact that  your friends and family have on your voice.  Do those around you believe in your words, thoughts and ideas? Do they value your inner beauty and power?  The people around us can either help support the fifth chakra or stifle it.

Picture two children, one who is encouraged to express themselves in whichever way that they feel driven to. The other who is told to conform to their parents (or society’s) ideas). That second child will slowly began to question both thoughts and actions until true self-expression becomes extremely difficult.

Now these two children are adults, which one do you think has an easier time not only following their dream but also knowing what their dream is?   To help build your fifth chakra pay attention to the people that surround you and their impact.  In addition, pay close attention to your impact on others.

Some signs of a closed fifth chakra are:

  • Are you second-guessing either your words or action?
  • Are you often told too either be quiet or to speak up
  • Do you worry about what other people will think about your words?
  • Do you lack confidence in your thoughts and words?
  • Do you find your tongue getting tangled when you try to express?
  • Do you often regret what you’ve said (over expressing)?
  • Do you often feel that there is a delay between your thoughts and expression?

The fifth chakra is partially about expressing but really the source behind the expression challenges is most often self-confidence.  So I find sending out positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your beautiful voice always help strengthen this chakra.

Carol Tuttle’s expresses the need for supporting the fifth chakra beautifully in her blog.  If you have a moment, spend a few moments and watch this video.  It provides some excellent tips on how to open your throat chakra

Other techniques that can help strengthen the fifth chakra:

  • Playing charades: Communicating with another without words
  • Toast Masters  or Improv Groups
  • Singing or Expressing yourself (verbally) through poetry
  • Fish Pose
  • Plough
  • Lions Breath
  • Color Blue: Associated with the throat chakra
  • Using the phone or meeting someone for coffee (versus email or social media to connect)

The fifth chakra needs to be worked on a regular basis, especially if you are regularly involved in a solitary job i.e. Writing/working from home.   There is so much power and strength in your voice make sure that you give it the attention that it deserves.

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